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Postulation of "Machine Curator" Team as the Curation Team in Science, Technology, and Computing...


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Today we are very happy to present to you the candidacy of the curation team baptized Machine Curator, since the 7 of us are the gears that fit harmoniously to make this team work and move.
We gladly join the new Steemit Inc proposal in which a steemcurator account will be made available to support some type of content; For this, 7 users with enough experience to heal in practically any area met, they have a long history in the blockchain, a strong point to highlight is that they are from different cultures and countries, making sure to cover the largest number of possible languages ​​(10 languages ​​in total, amazing!).

As you can guess, although we have the ability and willingness to properly evaluate and reward any type of content, the team will focus on curation within the Science, technology and computing category, but first let's introduce ourselves.

About us?

The team is made up of the following people:

Club Status#club75
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
ExperienceI'm a curator of @ecosynthesizer project, founder on @steem-seven and current @cotina administrator, also used @steemcurator03 on newcomers.
Age1 years, 4 months, 14 days.

Club Status#club5050
LanguagesSpanish, English
ExperienceI have experience with steemcurator03 in the Newcommers program and currently curator of the steemcurator05 account for Latin America. Additionally curation with the Community accounts of the communities I manage @hive-193637 and @hive-151446.
Age3 years, 2 months, 23 days.

Club Status#club5050
LanguagesTagalog, English, Visayan
ExperienceAs Admin and Founder of the Steemit Philippines Community, I am also the one handling and curating all content of the community using the Community Account.
Age1 years, 6 months, 7 days.

Club Status#club5050
ExperienceI have experience curating with steemcurator05 (curating daily games for South American users), experience with steemcurator03 curating the achievements of the community of newcomers, in addition to curating with the community account @colombiaoriginal in which I am an administrator.
Age3 years, 9 months, 5 days.

Club Status#club75
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Afrikaans
ExperienceMy work as a country representative had my curating with steemcurator04 regularly, also used steemcurator03 to support newbies. I am also a curator for the steem-ghana community and use the community curation account to support Ghanaians.
Age3 years, 9 months, 25 days.

Club Status#club5050
LanguagesBangla, English
ExperienceI am currently the curator of steemcurator07. I also have more than a year of experience of curation for several community.
Age1 years, 5 months, 25 days.

Club Status#club75
LanguagesEnglish, Urdu, Hindi
ExperienceI'm running siz community account
Age1 years, 1 days.

Why will we make a good curation team?

The team will be committed to supporting 100% plagiarism-free content and of course exclusive to Steemit, giving a responsible and equitable use to the assigned account, maintaining the respect and value that these tasks deserve, promoting the growth and participation of the clubs that they make the general STEEM community grow.

As a plus, the weaknesses present in the chosen topic will be evaluated and an active contribution will be made to significantly improve the quality of the content that is presented in science, technology and computing. This area was chosen knowing previously that most of the content that is published daily in it is largely free-use images with paraphrased paragraphs, a strategy began to be developed to redirect this trend and begin to see more elaborate publications that really are worthy of the support that steemcurators can provide.

What plans do you have to improve the quality of publications?

Implement the preparation of courses, training content, dynamics and contests, all guided and supported by the team's participants, the idea is to encourage the creation of useful, educational and interesting content. Some time ago the user @alejos7ven carried out a basic programming course in the past which had to be paused due to the low participation caused by the lack of participation.

Curso de Programación Básica #2 | Estructuras de control Parte 1 | By @alejos7ven
Curso de Programación Básica #4 | Datos, Información y Variables | By @alejos7ven

This type of dynamics and many others will be carried out globally to also comply with the standards requested in the area, we have the experience reviewing content of this type and the technical knowledge of most of the team members so that These tasks are carried out successfully.

How will plagiarism be dealt with?

The necessary pre-investigations will be carried out for each publication that is going to be supported, and if plagiarism is found, it will be reported to the @ac-cheetah project to add a due alert to those who violate the originality rules of the blockchain, in addition, support will be given necessary for the person to carry out their achievement 3 (plagiarism) in the community of newcomers in case of being a user who acts out of ignorance and wishes to claim their error.


Is there anything special about how your team will heal to ensure the widest range?

Each curator will be assigned to a day of the week in which they will have the task of making use of the assigned account, this schedule will be based on UTC time for everyone to handle the same information.

In the event that it is possible for Steemit Inc to share the posting key of the assigned account with the developer @alejos7ven, the installation of the tool that the curation project @steem-seven used in the past to cast votes in a controlled manner by leaving comments will be carried out. in the publications that wish to be rewarded in the following way:


Since the objective is to keep the curator account above 80% of the voting power, this tool will be especially useful to carry out a job of extreme precision, we explain why:

  • 1 vote at 100% spends 2% energy
  • To download the account from 100% to 80%, it is necessary to cast 10 votes at 100%, or smaller votes that add up to a total of 1000% of the vote.
  • 1 curator of the team will be able to receive 1 vote at 100% each day, which means that every day we will be able to cast only 900% of votes.

The proposed tool will allow curators to exhaust their 900% vote exactly, and only those who fulfill this task will be manually rewarded with the corresponding 100% vote. In addition, since the curators will have to leave comments, the interaction of the team with the community will be encouraged.

If you thought this was all, calm down, there is still more. The tool registers the votes cast in a database, which makes it possible to constantly monitor who is voting with said account.


The content will be located by the corresponding tag, if there is not, we would like to propose #steemtech and it will be curated under the following selection criteria:

steemexclusive and quality content, free of plagiarism, with images without copyright (preferably own images), well-structured publications with content consistency and without a doubt the user must be part of a club ( #club5050 , #club75 , # club100).


We can only thank you for the opportunity you give us to be part of all your initiatives.


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