Wild flowers.. over the hills and far away


In order to photograph flowering plants, it is enough to decide what species you want to have in the images, to document where that creature exists… and when it blooms. That is, in principle it is simpler than shooting birds, or reptiles, rare insects and so on. If it is clear that wild flowers are easier to find in reservations or protected areas, it is just as clear that they bloom in April-May… there is nothing to do but decide which beautiful day you will get there… and you can try to take the photos in question. At least a first series. Obviously, the bar can be placed much higher… especially if you get to shoot plants in an increasingly professional way. That is, in years and years.


I hear from friends that the first flowers appeared in early May, and now it is about the maximum flowering. The entire combined area of ​​the two protected plots I think is about two hectares, the area where the plant really exists. In some places it has a very high density, almost covering everything, in others less dominant. There are several thousand species. The situation seems decent, even good, but security can never be had when it comes to human stupidity and this world so full of aberrations. As the land was plowed in other reservations with steppe vipers (years ago, by a total ignoramus)… or with variegated tulips or the narcissus reservation, why not have it here as well? That everything around is plowed anyway, except the forest :)



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