Wild flowers.. over the hills and far away II


If you sit in the middle of a slope full of wild flowers, you feel what another sensation of botany is, compared to the obligatory mechanical memorization from college. The difference between freedom, living nature and scholastic memorization of species lists - immediately forgotten. All that was left was disgust with the subject. I think it's worth a walk in the hills on weekdays. That it's quieter. Fewer working people & co. Or climb to the top of the hill where there is peace. I had the impression that it would be possible to take approximately perfect pictures, if I had the patience to wait for the pleasant lights and to lie among the most beautiful flowers. Fortunately, there are from buds to withered flowers. About that time it was in full bloom, by the end of the month it may be quite withered. Or they may persist for a while in the next month. I understand that the period when they have flowers lasts about three weeks. Very beautiful, looked at closely. Another day as I want it to be as much as possible.


It was interesting with the wild flowers how very small differences in habitat made them be in radically different stages of flowering. On the upper plot were mostly only buds, flowering maybe 10 percent. The flowering ones were mostly in the northeastern part of the plot. Here were even flowers that were already withering. The vast majority on the lower plot were in bloom. In the northeast they were the most recent. A small difference in environment, more light and heat probably… and it is enough to be easily visible differences as a reaction of the plants… although apparently the conditions are almost identical on the slope. And it is interesting how an altitudinal difference you would say insignificant still makes such a big difference in terms of their flowering. I knew about this place with wild flowers since childhood. There were descriptions in various nature books because the reservation is quite well known. But getting here right when the plant is in bloom has never been a priority. What good. Wasting time on the hills, fuel, accommodation, fatigue, dust… The question is how you can make the job more efficient, how you can make it feasible. When I knew I was coming from the area, at a relatively short distance, and I knew that now they were in bloom, I already felt the pleasure of seeing them in front of the cameras. Whenever an old wish comes true, a dream from the past, I feel that life is generous and wonderful. It gives you happiness, if you can recognize it.



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What a beauty ... these flowers.

08.06.2020 18:29

Hi @alein you have great photoshoot skills. The flower looking more beautiful.

09.06.2020 04:52

Thank you @cryptokannon

09.06.2020 11:51