What could he tell us today? - Einstein and politics


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Obviously, such an intellectual capacity observes the problems, including those in the democratic-neoliberal society, the distortions caused by the manipulation of public opinion by those who hold the mass media. In October 1948, Einstein wrote for Cheyney Record: “The weakness of the democratic system lies in the fact that those in economic and political power have effective means of influencing public opinion in their favor. The system as such does not solve problems, but provides a favorable framework in which they can be solved. It all depends on the moral and political qualities of the citizen. "
In the past, it can be seen that the intellectual elite is marginalized and eventually used by the structures that manage democracies, and the consequences are dramatic. The current ecological crisis, the devastation of the resources on which planetary human civilization depends, would not have been possible if intelligent people had been in the decision-making zone, and the cost of these democratic-populist-optimistic aberrations would have been severely paid. moment dat…. maybe the bills are already starting to come in the form of an economic disaster.

Obviously, Einstein was interested in the political capacity of leaders who can make a difference…. He realized how important is the existence of brilliant, moral political leaders, able to analyze the political situation and define the priority directions of progress and implementation methodology, able to transmit these messages to the great masses of people… as it was Gandhi. At the same time, Einstein realizes the great danger of the emergence of evil and / or intellectually incapable leaders, who through populism can easily manipulate the masses, and can lead entire peoples to perdition.

It is nice to make such a characterization, but if Einstein saw what the situation in British-liberated India is, if he saw the waves of famine that passed over the subcontinent and the current state of endemic poverty… he would see that the release of occupation is only an aspect. You may be wondering, if they should now characterize globally relevant politicians, who would they consider respectable? Would he find at least one? Is our global civilization, politicians who are relevant to the whole civilization, or are the current political tricksters some local tricksters who stand strong on "their own" landfills? Not only do we not have globally representative political leaders who think from the perspective of the general good and sustainability of human civilization developed on this planet, but the current system would not allow such a thing, being under the control of power structures of the corporate sector. -transnational banker, forces behind the scenes acting efficiently in their own interest… regardless of the consequences.

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