The healing power of nature


It is a real blessing to be able to live and work in permanent connection with nature. Probably everyone feels recharged with energy after spending at least a few days in the wild because nature has a deep power of regeneration. This way of healing is as direct as possible, without any artifice or complicated treatment. All you have to do is get in touch with the heart of nature to reach a state of complete relaxation and immersion in peace. Those who do this exercise of merging with nature, experience a feeling of radical slowing down of everything around them and a deep inner peace. The world we live in is highly technological. It is characterized by rush and stress in a continuous increase, and by a continuous noise - both outside and inside. In this contemporary frenzy of economic development most of our food consists of artificial products, we are moving further and further away from the natural environment. In our consciously created artificial world, silence and slow pace are very rare.


At the beginning, the environment was as natural as possible, while the organic rhythm day / night, the cycle of the moon, the solar cycle, the cycle of the constellations were an integral part of our existence; and man was an integral part of the environment. Trees, flowers, springs, lakes, ocean shores, mountains, rocks, sky, clouds - all these elements of nature have accompanied mankind in its long journey to the present day and have influenced its development. In just a few generations, however, we have made a huge leap into an incredible, increasingly artificial world: plastics, millions of new chemicals, air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, artificial food, increasingly powerful drugs, speed, intense pollution of the environment in unimaginable ways - and the list goes on. So it is no wonder that our health suffers more and more.



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Beautiful photos and insightful musings 🙏🏽

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