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Although the term nerd has some negative connotations, this style of approach can still produce significant results, including within the biological sciences in terms of research. But even that requires some passion, a kind of nerd passionate about a subject. For example, such a man may become the best specialist in copepods on a global scale. To sit and analyze in detail all the works published in his field (well, there are not many…), to look at samples received from all over the planet, to make meticulous drawings about what he sees through the binocular microscope, to describe taxa new to science. To have an extraordinary patience, an autistic focus on the subject, and nothing else to interest him. No one will be able to contradict him in his field. Through this type of specialization on a group of organisms that even the mother of the devil does not deal with (ie, at most there are a few people all over the globe), this style of approach can bear fruit: long series of scientific articles, taxonomic / phylogenetic revisions, treated and so on. There may be specialists on cyclostomes that have no other concern for life, or on any obscure group that you didn't even know existed. And so scientific knowledge progresses.


When someone has a passion for a certain field… it means that a priori he is exposed to fluctuations. He may be preoccupied with certain aspects today, then with totally different ones for a month or a year, then return to previously addressed topics - put them on a different plane of detail or synthesis or highlighting. For a real artist or scientist, the only valid aspect is the essence of art and the essence of research, all the others are details. When working in this way, there is no weekend or end of the program at 4 pm, nor is there an idea of ​​8 am in the morning; and neither the predictability of results, nor in art, nor in science. The culmination is that even research or art projects in today's hyper-bureaucratic times are more appropriate to the style of nerds - where it is predictable what will happen. That is, to know from the beginning from the writing of the projects, that fifty paintings will be made; or X aspects will be researched and Y will be concluded in three years. Anyone who has at least an impression of the essence of artistic or scientific life sees the huge gap between this funding model dedicated to the nerd bureaucracy - and the effervescent and extremely fluctuating reality of the bohemian life of artists and researchers.


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