Post-modern naturalistic writings


Why are the syntheses interesting? Because they incorporate the results of various specialized researches of details, and based on these ideas, try to recompose the Great Image, phenomena unfolding in the spatio-temporal reality that led to the existence of that place, as we see it today; such a synthesis incorporates the results of millions of hours of rational thinking of specialized researchers, who each dealt with the elucidation of the details of each element of the system and the understanding of processes in the field of interest of their specialization…


DSCN32382.jpgRecompose from these pieces of information a larger and more complex entity, with its paleogeographic, geological, paleontological, paleoclimatic, hydrological, biological, etc. interactions and their interactions, at the same time to discern meanings of knowledge of the system for our actions now naturalistic and for the author of any synthesis,… a journey in which he leaves without having a clear opinion about what he will discover, for himself and for the reader of the text.


Where exactly is such a writing? Literary literature is something else, it is not forced to keep in touch with reality, but from the literary artistic style can be taken the desire to make the text attractive, beautiful, interesting, memorable and so on. The current scientific literature is oriented towards tables, graphs, equations and mathematical modeling, but these, in addition to losing relevance to those outside the narrow and fragmented specializations on churches, have the disadvantage that they cannot describe complex naturalistic realities, such as a certain region with its paleogeographic, geological, hydrological, biological and so on characteristics, which interfere in the creation of a natural ecosystem reality.



Thus, a text of this kind is an attempt at a rational (scientific) approach to an ecological entity that lends itself to a naturalistic description, an attempt to create an intelligible mental model by any intelligent person who has knowledge of the terms used in the text. .

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