Post-modern naturalistic writings II


How you define a topic worth working on, how you set its boundaries, and how much energy you put into it to work on it,… all of these are difficult aspects to analyze… depends more on flair, the ability to feel, than by a rational decision. The creation of such a text has an artistic component, in the sense of the need to find the balance that creates unity and coherence fluent, attractive and well-founded, so that the writing has the ability to better inform than any previously written text on the subject. Of course, this kind of quite high demands in the realization of the "material", involves investing energy and time in a much more serious way than can be suspected from the bank of those who seek to think. Reading a naturalistic text of synthesis is like watching an exhibition or a show, in which one can possibly guess about how much effort was invested before the event. Behind a respectable synthesis, which you can go through in 10-20 minutes, can be a work of a week or two, which is not seen and so it is good to be.

line.png finished text must be like a sculpture on which no unpolished areas remain. Of course, you can always improve something with any writing, some new and interesting details may appear, but after investing a certain amount of energy in the elaboration of the subject, it is clear that at some point you reach the situation where an insignificant increase of quality can only be done through great effort. At such a time, from the point of view of the naturalistic analysis of synthesis, the purpose of writing the text is already achieved: it is appropriate to be able to get read by others. principle, the text written by you must be such that you like it, and then you can assume that other intelligent people and having the desire to better understand our world, will also have the same feeling… and the desire to scroll through the text in question. There are books written in such a difficult language that even if I am interested in the subject and I have tried to read them several times, I do not have the energy to struggle with the stubborn and incoherent style, with the lack of grace and fluency of some writings made. as it is not good. If you start writing something, you must always keep in mind that someone will want to read that text, and if it is not well written, the text practically loses the chance to be read, so your work loses its usefulness.



It will never be a perfect text, as everything is perfectible. It will be criticizable, there will be some who will comment benevolently, others with a lot of hatred, but that doesn't matter anymore. Any person with common sense will understand that you did what depended on you in the given conditions, as much as possible in the context of your personal limitations, you tried to understand the essence of the subject and make it accessible to others. However, such a text must remain a working document, with the possibility of being retouched, restructured, finished at an increasingly better level, so that it can one day become a naturalistic intellectual jewel.


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