Past, present and future ... Mushrooms



There are more evolutionary theories than I can count, so if I were to add one more it would go unnoticed; But I don't want that ... that's not the point. I want to show the role and presence of fungi throughout the history of life on earth. Let's start with a little recap of the things we already know ...



It is already known that fungi are single or multicellular organisms and that more than 100,000 species of fungi are currently known. But since when has the world existed? Yes! Mushrooms have been present since life on earth and will continue to be so, because fungi can grow in any environment. Not all of course, but let's remember that life on earth did not appear in its diversity overnight.



It is also known that certain fungi are able to neutralize toxic zinc compounds and reintroduce them into the circuit of nature in inactive form. How Pleurotus ostreatus is able to recycle oil waste. But in addition to these there are more insignificant mushrooms with an important role in the nature circuit.



Mushrooms, such as Cryptococcus or Cladosporium, are able to convert harmful ionizing radiation into bioenergy, with the help of which they can grow at a much faster rate. Let us not forget the fact that in the Precambrian, when the Earth did not yet enjoy the protective ozone layer of today, it was assailed by cosmic radiation; and fungi played an important role in creating the conditions for future living species.



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Fungi are no doubt very essential in the maintenance of equilibrium in an ecosystem due to their petrifying factors. But more investigation needed to be done to enable the inference that they existed all through the ages!

Isn't it possible that they are products of evolution from less complex and unicellular life forms like viruses/ protozoons??

Without a counter theory , the foregoing seem to explain the position of fungi better in life's existence!

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