Nature. A Remembrance of His Wonders.


I see that a folder with spring pictures has remained on a hard drive, a bit unnoticed. Some images from the meadow of a river, with all kinds of flowering trees, wild flowers, some landscapes. I was probably thinking of writing a text about them, but there were other priorities. So they were left. But rather than remain inaccessible, it may be better to post them, somehow exemplifying the beauty of the places.



Now, take a look at those images of spring, with wild flowers… sunlight, spring heat, bird songs… has something of the promise of beautiful days, which in principle can exist again. Looking at the pictures, knowing the places in that area, I can imagine what kind of photos could result if you had time to stay there for a long time. Watch the birds in spring feathers, bright, colorful, full of life. Reborn, somehow, after a winter has passed. Sit and admire the orchids, lizards, snakes, deer that come out at the edge of the forest. It's almost too heavenly to have time for all this.



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**Wow!, That is a great and beautiful picture displayed here. I love the background how it looks very quality. Keep sharing this kind of great work!

07.06.2020 08:23

Thank you @oppongk

07.06.2020 08:26

Those photos are amazing, you are right they are inspiring to write a fantastic story, perhaps. But you also find the way to let the images talk. Happily you have found those treasures on the HD.

Thanks for share them in the World of Xpilar.
Best wishes for projects and life, @Alein!!

07.06.2020 10:26

Thank you @leveuf appreciate your comment.
All the best to you also.

07.06.2020 10:50

All my pleasure, you are welcome!! :)

07.06.2020 11:33

Beautiful photographs where you can feel the freshness of the air and the tranquility that my soul needs so much.

Excellent work.

07.06.2020 14:17

Thank you @adeljose

07.06.2020 18:32
Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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07.06.2020 22:52

Thank you @innerblocks

08.06.2020 09:33

I like your photography. Great work on showing us the nature from your point of view.

09.06.2020 04:58