Naturalistic writings


Knowing the naturalistic realities is a foundation for man to want to protect the nature and future of our civilization. Naturalistic writings appropriate to the current cultural moment, present in the information media of the 21st century man, can help the formation of a naturalistic perception in a relevant number of people. Far from being stuck in the cold tense of the scientist who cannot afford to make a joke or a personal reference, these writings can reserve the freedom to be freed from scholastic pretensions, of a hyperspecialization of detailing all-details- about nothing for the sake of detail, locked in hermetic slang, or of an academicism with claims of infallibility.
In addition to the beauty of nature, an equally important aspect that increases the attractiveness of naturalistic concerns, is the splendor of the human intellect able to ask questions that matter, to find ways to find answers, to understand how events unfold, the causality of events, at the same time to understand their significance for us. That is, we are dealing with a combination of natural splendors in their evolutionary processes, with the splendor of human intellects, able to understand phenomena of great complexity, in various spatio-temporal dimensions, from infinitesimal to the magnitude of those unfolded. on a geological scale.


We have a severe lack of naturalistic writings capable of attracting the attention of the intellectual reader of the 21st century. Otherwise, there is great silence. Of course, we can find splendid books in libraries, but they are something else, although captivating even today, they do not deal with topical naturalistic topics in the space we live in at the moment…. for example on the various protected areas around us, or the situation of the species that live here, or various other aspects of ecology with more general relevance. Current authors would be needed to analyze topics in today's understanding of natural phenomena. The success in this approach presupposes the pre-existence of a quite coherent naturalistic preparation, the interest to understand complex subjects and to describe them in such a way that the respective text is at the same time relevant, attractive and intelligible.



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