Naturalistic writings III


In order to write interesting naturalistic texts, it is necessary to have an interest in documentation from the author, combined with a critical spirit able to define what is relevant from the aspects of detail-specialty that are known; at the same time, the ability to formulate concisely and to the point, not in more detail than is necessary for a proper understanding of the situation, by an intelligent man who reads the text is needed. Such a text becomes an entity that must "function", ie have an internal coherence given by its structure and fluency, and outline the subject to a level of integration that clearly goes beyond previous specialized writings that focus on fragments of the subject … Analyzes of the details that are impossible to comprehend the greatness of the phenomenon in a way that is intelligible even by a non-specialist. From the multitude of elements in nature and in the works about that place, written by authors with various concerns, at different times, you must select what you consider essential so that by unifying those ideas a coherent and worthy approach can be outlined. become known.


The risk of specializations makes the hyperspecialized expert on some detail, although it is obviously perfected in that field, to give a greater importance to it and thus that person can hardly have an overall ecological approach. Ultimately, it is the ecologist who is meant to analyze the results of various specialized studies and integrate them into the approach to the ecosystems concerned. From multidisciplinary work, a modern ecological approach should become transdisciplinary, as it can ask new questions and reach conclusions of a different relevance, broader than sectoral studies that are limited to the analysis of a component of ecosystem. The value of a well-made synthesis comes from the fact that it incorporates into a single intelligible unit a whole series of otherwise disparate ideas, creating a unification capable of becoming relevant to the multitude of people who would never have the time, energy and determination to understands the subject in the absence of such a synthesis. One can hope that a synthesis becomes valuable also by the fact that it is more than separate parts, scattered fragments whose integration may lead to previously non-existent conclusions.



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