Heart of the forests



It's late summer. Forest. Lots of forest. One of the millions of trees has a branch about 1.5 m high, whose bark is populated by moss and lichens of different species. On that branch, a diplopod quietly feeds, a myriapod among the slow ones - and with a thousand feet, strongly different from the fast and predatory chilopods - the ones with a hundred feet. The diplopod sits there and eats some detritus or plant matter, from time to time it moves some part of its cylindrical body, but it is still quasi-static.





The mystery of the forest is between delight and turmoil. It always changes its colors, other sounds are always heard. It's an empire of beauty that seduces everyone. The forest is an oasis of light, and when we enter it we feel how our soul is filled with optimism, how the shadows of the branches erase any stain on the heart.
It is said that there are happy forests and silent forests. With the increase of the altitude, the silence becomes even oppressive, in the high fir or pine forests you can hear only the roar of the wind, and in the forests in lower places, with more varied fauna, you can hear a lot of birds. The noisiest forests are in wet and warm areas - birds, insects and all kinds of aquatic creatures. If we are in the forests where the noise is everywhere then we will be refreshed and the desire for life will be stimulated.
If we need peace, calm, we feel overwhelmed or stressed then the silent forests are a real medical office.






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