Chessboard butterflies


A late May afternoon. Through the forests on the northern slope of the mountain plateau it is a bit cool. As you get out of the woods, it's a little nicer in the sun. The last rays to get here. A butterfly sits quietly, trapped by vegetation. Chessboard butterflies. It lets me get very close with a macro lens. I expose some frames, bursts of bracketing. The butterfly rises in flight but sits on another plant, a few meters away. Now it has open wings, so it's even better. Other frames on display. I decide to mount the macro flashes as well. I come back from the car and I see that it has tighter wings, left behind. A few more frames and he spreads his wings. Again some pictures from the side. From a few inches.


Then he gets tired of this photo shoot, the light of flashes from a short distance and flies… almost without weight, with the ease of a creature that loves to float in the air. But it immediately falls into the thicket, because it's already cool, and the light disappears. This is not the time for a butterfly. It's a pleasure to make some decent frames with such a butterfly. Although it is a common species. You need some happoverlap. A kind of little gift from nature - to have the opportunity to see it up close.



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