Naturalistic writings II


In today's world, scientific fields are becoming so hyperspecialized that scientific articles on the frontiers of knowledge analyze details irrelevant even to intellectuals or scientists in another hyperspecialized field domen so they no longer understand what is happening outside their own circle of expertise, do not have time for others… and not even the ability to understand other areas. Without specialization, it was impossible to reach the level of detail of the knowledge that characterizes current science, but this fragmented knowledge is waiting to be integrated. The fragmentation on hyperspecializations of the field of biological-geological natural sciences, in circles of expertise so small that the specialization is on some group of copepods or annelids or some detail of the karstification processes, is somewhat counterbalanced by ecology, an integrative way of looking at natural processes. on a scale relevant to naturalists. If Darwin was not a naturalist but a specialist in paleontology, ornithology, entomology or other study of details, he could not come to an understanding of natural evolution, and if he did not have the ability to write in such a way that the texts in question were even today extraordinarily attractive… and it wasn't very good.


You may be wondering, why would you do that? Unless you really think it would make you happier. Money from such writings you will not take too easily, or in any case incomparably less than for an equally difficult work done in the interest of financial gain. Submitting projects that include the writing of certain texts would be quite risky, because the various deadlines, predetermined performance parameters, the list of topics to be addressed and so on would undermine any creativity… and make the writing under the pressure of the obligation to become a torment… and this can be easily perceived by the reader. Slippery subjects could hardly receive funding, but even the idea of ​​doing such activities for money undermines the essence of the activity, namely the sincere desire to know. If you work at an institution that has its problems anyway, you don't have much desire to analyze naturalistic topics for the sake of art. The fragmentation of scientific analyzes on increasingly specialized fields of expertise, and the definition of the person with scientific concerns as belonging to one of them, makes it even more difficult to create naturalistic syntheses incorporating aspects from different specializations. It is also understood in this way the plethora of causes that led to the lack of reasonable naturalistic writings, predominating scientific texts of the analysis of a detail or superficial writings made no-name under the pressure of a great project…


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