Natural phenomena before a solar eclipse

Natural scenery in the morning before a solar eclipse on December 26, 2019 in a large paddy field in North Aceh district.

There are some differences between wave shaped clouds with red, yellow, green, blue and black that indicate changes in the eclipse that will arrive as shown below.
May we all know the rarest natural phenomena that we can and we can all know together, may we all be grateful for the spirit of the nation's generation and country, so that we can all be given a long life and be blessed by our respective activities.

May we all become a company towards success, always in good health and easy for us all Rasueki and this program always runs well and correctly according to our wishes, God willing, changes in the budget are much better than before.



The natural phenomenon just before the solar eclipse that occurred yesterday on December 26, 2019 is a warning to us all, hopefully we are always in a healthy and easy condition Rizki and for a long time publicly reported always succeed in achieving success as we are always proud of his rights.

please forgive if there are language errors that have been expressed thanks for visiting this blog, the spirit of this program is the best for us all.

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