Organizational Transculturation - Part 4

Startup ideas

In this contribution we will discuss a series of unfavorable scenarios that in the last decade have been observed in business organizations, in the structural, ethical and socioeconomic aspects that in some way are directly related to the university education of professionals who occupy senior management positions.

Thematic development

In general terms, the companies have been registering non-compliance with work activities, little commitment, lack of motivation in the effective development of the processes to be carried out, absence of promotion, dissemination of organizational values and principles, little participation by managers in terms of cooperating and being jointly responsible for guiding and orienting the personnel towards where they want to go, in order to promote the sense of belonging and identity within the business organization.

Dissemination of organizational values and principles is fundamental to success (Pixabay)

The main aggravating factor of the situation described above is the fact of losing sight of the original organizational philosophy, due to the lack of management leadership focused on organizational culture and contribution to the economic and social development of the personnel in the defense, protection and recovery of the organizational principles.

Closing of the theme

Little or no managerial leadership brings negative effects to any business organization, including a climate of organizational instability, loss of identity and organizational culture, causing unfortunate events such as labor desertion, due to the lack of promotion of organizational values that cause uprooting and little sense of belonging, as well as the loss of the horizon of the philosophical business purposes.

Key words: transculturation, organizational culture, managing, leadership.

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