My presentation to Project.HOPE

Sharing content is always an action that fills us with satisfaction and even if in some cases we do not achieve this goal, the fact of having sown knowledge should stimulate us temporary awareness of the fulfilled duty, and this will be my goal from this publication. I gathered some ideas from my previous presentation first to leave a cordial and affectionate greeting to all the members of Project.HOPE, in these short but precise paragraphs I will summarize my presentation to this wonderful community, my name is Alaiza Trinidad Cruz Monsalve.

Venezuelan nationality native of the plains lands of this beautiful country specifically in the state of Barinas, region of palm and sun roads, currently for sentimental and work relationship I am residing in Santa Barbara de Zulia, I am mother of two beautiful creatures a girl of 10 years Luisana Chiquinquirá and Sebastian Alberto just 1 year old.

I have a degree in Agricultural Business Administration, with a master's degree in Business Management, university teacher of the subjects; Research Methodology and Seminar of degree, currently working at the Universidad Nacional Experimental Sur del Lago - Venezuela.

I came to Project.HOPE thanks to the repeated invitations that my husband Luis Paz has made me whose username is @lupafilotaxia, from him I have received the basic guidance on the operation and interactions that should prevail in the community, thanks to his advice and willingness to guide me I took the necessary motivation to upload academic content in this community, I should clarify that I joined this social network 3 years ago but for reasons beyond my control I could not devote time to my blog.

In this new opportunity I intend to start with a smooth pace of adaptation, seeking to be constant over time and maintain continuity in my blog something that cannot get before, I hope that the content meets the requirements and appreciations of users interested in learning the administrative functionality of agribusiness, for the moment I have to comply with my maternity care that limit me to be more active than I would really like, I will still make every effort to share content with all of you.

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With these brief lines I want to formally welcome you to Project.HOPE, human foresight in some circumstances should be left aside, because sometimes that need to wait can result in nothing, even though sometimes there may be fortuitous scenarios in most cases the opportunities are taken and the key to achieving the objectives depend on our attitude and discipline. I wish you the best of success in this new life challenge.

15.03.2021 02:18

I know and you know I have always wanted to take up writing again, I trust in God and his purposes in life, I hope everything will be for the best, thank you for being part of my life puzzle, with your support I know I will adapt soon. Virtual kisses.

16.03.2021 04:10

Good evening. Welcome and best wishes.

15.03.2021 02:19

Thank you very much @ellieth for your warm welcome and good wishes.

16.03.2021 04:00

@tipu curate

15.03.2021 03:22

welcome! and hope to see your educational posts and benefit from them...

15.03.2021 03:35

Thank you @vixmemon for your warm welcome, I hope my posts fulfill that educational role.

16.03.2021 04:03

Dear @alaiza

Welcome to PH (project.hope) community :)

Hope to hear more from you in the future.

ps. check out comment from @project.hope and cyu on our discord.
Cheers, Piotr (ph founder)

17.03.2021 10:25

Thank you @crypto.piotr for your words of Welcome I hope to meet the expectations of the community, I already joined the community channel on Discord. Blessings to you.

20.03.2021 18:54

Hello @alaiza

Thank you for posting within our community.

Please spare few minutes and read how project.hope is organized and learn about our economy.

That would help you understand more our goals and how are we trying to achieve them. Hopefully you will join our community and become strong part of it :)

Do you use telegram or discord? If you do then join our server and give me a shout. I would gladly share with you goals of our community and introduce to others from our team.

Consider joining our discord server:

@project.hope team,

17.03.2021 10:25

I appreciate the gesture of sharing this material, I will gladly read it in detail, I use both (Telegram and Discord), in Discord for a long time I have not had activity, but I will still resume its use. I already joined the Discord channel of Project.hope.

20.03.2021 18:58

Hello dear friend, welcome to the community, I hope you feel comfortable with us, we are here to help you, you can count on my full support! Thank you for joining our community. Greetings! :)

19.03.2021 20:32

It is a relief to know that there are also female users in the community, thank you @franyeligonzalez for your words of welcome and willingness to help.

20.03.2021 18:45