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In this publication the characteristics of the types of organizational culture will not be mentioned, deduce this reading as a pause that I make in my blog, to describe a segment that I overlooked, reason why I want to talk a little about the values that identify attitudes and conceptions evidenced in the foundations of the climate in an organization of global categorization

There is a globalization of organizational values (Pixabay)

Thematic development

As I mentioned before, values identify attitudes and conceptions evidenced in the foundations of the climate in an organization, and not only influence internal sociability, but also foster praxis towards a more humanistic and self-sustainable society over time.

Beyond the global crisis, organizations have a comprehensive and globalizing vision of the current human reality, where their sectorial goals are in line with the social project of their country and the world, and their policies and strategies are defined at the closest possible confluence of the successful management of the company and the materially sustainable and socially supportive human future, and their annual success indicators integrate both the accounting books and their impact on global challenges.

The global values exercised as a strategy in any organization are those who frame the organizational culture and direct it towards a more conscious society, belonging to the group as a whole, unlike others with complex social groups, where those who integrate them are subjective and individual in the search for a personal good, therefore their values are perceived in a singular way without being respected, since the internal socialization is disintegrated, so that the organizational climate is conducive to conflicts.

Closing of the theme

The common and globalized destiny of organizations has led to a globalization of values in companies, which have been promoting social union with respect to shared feelings and the management of the environment in a harmonious and positive way, since everyone is pursuing a common goal integrated in global values.

Key words: organizational, cultural, values, globalization.

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Hello @alaiza
The word "globalization" definitely now more than ever we should always have it in everything we do. Because thanks to the possibilities of traveling, of knowing through i veal other cultures, there are many frontiers that have been broken.
For this reason respect must always be a flag.

26.04.2021 14:20

It is very true what you say, many organizations see this step as a path where they lose their essence of local management and enter a path of global actions that leads them to transculturation, but certainly the world revolves in a highly globalized modernized environment, and beyond business relationships, our ways of relating to other people must also have a global vision to coexist and achieve success. Thank you @josevas217 for your comment.

27.04.2021 15:38