Characteristics of the Constructive type of Organizational culture

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Continuing with the thematic approach of the previous publications, in this section we will begin by citing the main types of organizational culture, outlining its most important characteristics that it fulfills in organizations at the level of achievement, personal fulfillment, humanism, and affiliation.

Constructive organizational culture (Pixabay)

A. Constructive Culture

This type of organizational culture is increasingly used and, in a way, it is based on the following scheme of beliefs and norms:

- Achievement: these types of constructive organizations do things right, value members who set and achieve their own goals, and look to members to define objectives and establish plans.

- Personal fulfillment: These are organizations that value creativity, quality over quantity, and the achievement of tasks and individual growth. Members are encouraged to enjoy their work, develop themselves and undertake new tasks.

- Humanism: These are organizations managed in a participatory and people-centered manner. Members are expected to have a supportive, constructive and open attitude.

- Membership: These are organizations that place a high priority on constructive interpersonal relationships. Members are expected to be open, friendly and sensitive to the satisfaction of their work group.

Closing of the theme

In the constructive organizational culture, its members are encouraged to interact independently of their level of management hierarchy, following strategies that promote performing activities at maximum potential and a supportive attitude open to workers' interests.

Key words: organizational, cultural, constructive.

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Good evening, very interesting. Perhaps in this type of organizations, in their personnel selection process they evaluate the type of predominant motivation in the applicant, wishing it to be one of achievement. Thank you.

24.04.2021 03:45

What you comment is ideal, every organization should consider these guidelines when adding more members to their ranks. Thank you @ellieth for your comment.

27.04.2021 15:28

Hi @alaiza.

Excellent organizational conceptualization that you share with us in this opportunity, that is, constructive culture, so it is very important to highlight what you have expressed:

In the constructive organizational culture its members are encouraged to interact regardless of their level of managerial hierarchy, following strategies that promote the performance of activities to the maximum potential and a supportive attitude open to the interests of workers.

Undoubtedly an extraordinary principle of organization in all aspects and senses, thank you for sharing such important content with all of us, success.

24.04.2021 16:42

The principles of any business organization function as I mentioned before, that is, as a set of parts that work as a kind of gear. Thank you @rbalzan79 for your comment.

27.04.2021 15:26