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Bird Philosophy In Cienfuegos

Quiet and calm the setting,
void of people and stress.
A perfect setting for contemplation,
the pandemic left a humbling mess.

Walking towards the edge of nature,
grateful yet sad it felt.
Perhaps I could find a moment,
while I wait for my cold butter to melt.

Look at those creatures there,
here before I came.
Many of my kind they see,
never caring for any name.

Feed us if you will,
but close to us do not come.
We care not what you do,
but don’t think us so dumb.

Cats and dogs, what wonderful pets,
cuddles on the couch or just fetch.
But them birds, not so tame,
their wings they must stretch.

Purrs and furs, that we love,
them barks and howls we can train.
But those feathers, not of us,
climbing trees causes much pain.

Chirping and playing, at every sunrise,
searching and feeding all day long.
Dancing ceases at sun down,
when night ends their song.

Phone in hand I stay,
hoping to capture the perfect sight.
I wonder though…
Do they know how much I envy their flight?

It makes no sense,
why sweet longing enters my head.
Oh how lucky you are circling the sea,
just anticipating pieces of my bread.

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This little poem is inspired by my trip with my partner last December to the beautiful town of Cienfuegos in the south of Cuba for my birthday.

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Greetings friend @alaeddin

Interesting writing where you show your admiration for birds.

Thank you for your entry to the contest.

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26.03.2021 16:42