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Who could resist Jack Nicholson’s smile?
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Jack holds the title for most nominated male actor in the academy awards with a whopping 13 nominations. He won the Oscar for a lead role twice! For this @writingnreviews post I would like to write about his second win in 1997 for As Good As It Gets.

Jack played an obsessive-compulsive novelist who does not like people (misanthropic). His personality in the beginning is unlikable and many characters in the movie can not tolerate him. However as the film progresses he begins to show a vulnerable side to himself and through the events of the story he becomes more relatable as he struggles to improve his life and relationships. My favorite character progression is during the time Jack’s character Melvin is forced to care for his neighbor's dog who he hates at first but becomes attached to with time. The character of Melvin Udall was not just played well by Nicholson, in my opinion he owned it as if the script was meant to only be played by him.


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I also really enjoyed his winning speech. Jack Nicholson is constantly viewed as a confident unique character that can pull off wearing dark shades in the middle of the ceremony and always has a very wide and cheeky smile ready for anyone including the camera. Yet when you listen to his acceptance speech, you realize that he is not embarrassed to show his venerable side which makes him all the more likable. He admirably calls his peers his friends and jokes with them on that level, and he tries hard to thank everyone which to me is a the attitude of a true winner.

Thanks to @belenguerra & @fendit for the supporting competitions. I hope you enjoy my entry.

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19.02.2021 14:33

Always a pleasure @belenguerra

19.02.2021 14:47

Excelente opinión @alaeddin sobre Jack, mi actor favorito, incluso tiene un libro: el actor y sus máscaras. Aplausos.




19.02.2021 20:26

Gracias por tu mensaje @joyarub. No he leído el libro todavía, pero definitivamente compraré una copia.

19.02.2021 20:39