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Super Robot Wars OG II Episode 02


Rachel: Cybaster...!
Tsugumi: That's... Magical Kishin!?
Kusuha: Masaki-kun!
Masaki: Hey, long time no see!
Shiro: Kusuha, are you healthy?
Kusuha: Shiro...!
Kuro: Masaki, Shiro, you said you weren't in a situation where you were casually greeting each other.
Masaki: Oops. it was Were you cleaning? We'll help too.
Kusuha: Ha, but...
Masaki: I heard about the opposite sex. And that's what I came here for.
Kusuha: ...Thank you, Masaki-kun.
Masaki: No, it's okay, this is it.
Shiro: Masaki, the enemy is coming this way!
Masaki: I know! Let's go, Shiro! Kuro!
Kuro: Okay!
Shiro: Masaki, something is coming this way!
Masaki: Enemy!?
Shiro: D, he's a guy who doesn't exist in the data!
Masaki: What...!?
Shiro: Come on, hurry up! It's like coming to where we are!!
Masaki: ! wow!!
Kusuha: Oh, Masaki-kun!!
Masaki: Shit, did I miss it!!
Tsugumi: Me, that aircraft... What speed is that...!?
Aiha: Whoa, whoa, to see the magic magician of the wind appearing in a place like this... It's really true that those who remain are blessed. I have to thank Rain Gaji.
Masaki: You guy, what are you doing!?
Baby Ha: I'm Baby Ha. Inspector.
Masaki: !!
Aiha: Oh, that's right. By the way, it's a hidden leader~

Shiro: Hidden? Then who is not hidden?
Kuro: Shiro, the part to tackle is not there.
Agiha: Hey, you guys... are you looking for Shuu Shirakawa?
Masaki: ! Do you know him!?
Agiha: Well, just talking. Because there are things he has done for us in various ways before. Of course, it was a very good opportunity for us.
Masahi: What...!?
Rachel: (The incident...? Are you talking about the Antarctic incident?)
Shiro: I... how did this happen, Masaki!?
Masaki: That's what I want to ask...!
Agiha: Come on, even with such a trivial talk... you don't know where Shuu Shirakawa is?
Masaki: That's enough to make me want to ask about it, nigga!
Baby Ha: Oh yes. Again.
Shiro: What does Seongin Lee have to do with Shuu!?
Aiha: Oh my, cute cat... Did you say we should get rid of the little things?
Shiro: What...!!
Masaki: If this happens, I will dig out the situation even by force!
Agiha: Whoa, whoa... You're not good at dealing with Lady, baby. That's why you can't be a reliable man like my darling~
Masaki: This, this! You are funny!!
Kuro: Why, for some reason, your face is messed up. Are you really of the opposite sex?
Masaki: Whatever it is, unless you do something about that guy, you won't be able to break through here! Goes!!
Aiha: Whoa, whoa, I can't do that.
Kusuha: Oh!
Masaki: Are you still there?!
Agiha: Well, since this is also the case. You have to take what you bring back with you. But before that, I'll play with you guys.
Masaki: What!?


Agiha: Silbelvint and Cybaster... I want to make sure which side has the highest speed.
Masaki: ...!
[In-flight of transport plane]
Tsugumi: Ibis, where are you going!?
Ibis: If this transport plane has a movable aircraft... I'll sortie with it...!
Tsugumi: Don't be reckless! It's like going to die!!
Ibis: If you say you are here, the result is the same! Then I want to get through it on my own!! I will go to the sea of ​​stars...! I'm not afraid of anything for that!
Tsugumi: (Sley, who was obsessed with being number 01... and Ibis, who staked everything on flying in space... Firio... you...)
Ibis: Please, Chief Takakura! Sort me out!!
Tsugumi: ...Ibis, look at this...
Ibis: This is Garion...!? No, it's different... No way, α float...!
Tsugumi: Yes. Its name is [Asterion]. I will entrust this aircraft to you.
Ibis: Chief Takakura...
Tsugumi: I don't know if this was the right choice... But...
Ibis: Thanks, Chief! I will definitely do it!
Tsugumi: Eh...!?
Ibis: This aircraft is everyone's dream decision in TD... I mean, I'll make it...!
Tsugumi: Ibis...
Ibis: I'm sure I can do it!
Aiha: Come on, Master!
Masaki: !!
Kusuha: Masaki-kun!
Masaki: Don't come! Leave this guy to me, and you guys protect the transport!
Aiha: Come on, Master! You must not lose sight of the fight! Got it! Cybaster!!
Masaki: I'm afraid I'll lose the speed game! This time it's your turn! baby ha!! oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!


Aiha: Hot, you're pretty!!
Masaki: How are you?
Aiha: Ah ha ha ha... ha ha ha ha!!
Masaki: !?
Agiha: That's really great, Master. It seems that the wind's mage-given was no joke. I guess I was underestimating you... Next time, I'll go in earnest!
Masaki: You sat down with some obvious lines!
Aiha: Then where do you avoid it!! Like before!
Masaki: What!?
Baby Ha: Not yet!!
Kusuha: Oh, Masaki-kun!!
Masaki: Chit, you fight pretty well!!
Aiha: Mother, Master, why are you like this?
Masaki: Don't be shy! The match hasn't even started yet!!
Shiro: No, Masaki! The left wing was damaged by the previous attack!
Masaki: What!?
Shiro: I can't get the balance right like this, and I can't even get speed!
Aiha: Nothing to worry about. I'll break the other one too!
Masaki: Whoa, this...!
Kusuha: Goo, if you don't go to the rescue!!
Rachel: The transplant can't keep up with those two! Leave it to me!
Aiha: You guys never called!!
Rachel: !!
Agiha: Hot, that's a good skill! But the steamship has been subdued!
Rachel: Ugh...!
Aiha: Come on, Master. Don't give up!
Masaki: Don't be ridiculous, whoa!
Rachel: Oh my, like this! ...What? on a transport plane?
Tsugumi: Mr. Rachel, please threaten the commander's flag somehow!
Rachel: What are you planning to do!?


Tsugumi: I can't afford to explain! please!
Rachel: ...I get it! Target insert! Shoot, Trombe!
Baby Ha: !? Your opponent will do it later!!
Rachel: ...if you're safe by then.
Baby Ha: What!?
Tsugumi: System All Green! Tesla Drive ETOL! Speed ​​and altitude as it is! Hatch open!
Masaki: What!?
Kusuha: Garion...!?
Rachel: No, it's different.
Kusuha: Eh!?
Rachel: ...wings towards the stars. Did you finally open your wings?
Agiha: Hahaha, you were still hiding the new model! But I can't even chase after my Silbelvint!
Tsugumi: Calculate relative speed and distance! Data, load into Asterion! Now, Ibis!
Ibis: I'll see you do it! right! Field procedures! Go! Wow Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Babyha: Chewy!
Ibis: Did you do it!?
Agiha: I'm sure you'll catch my Sylvelvint...! But it's still shallow!!
Tsugumi: Ibis, your opponent is out of balance! Instant Split S! Then the menu bar RaMVs!
Ibis: Hmm... ugh!!
Tsugumi: !? You can't control the aircraft!?
Ibis: Uh, somehow... I'll try...!
Masaki: Chance! I'll attack you first!!
Ibis: Eh!? first!?
Masaki: Let's go, baby ha!!
Baby Ha: !!
Masaki: This is in return for a while ago! Take a bite, baby ha! Akash! Buster Whoa!! Oh yaaaah!
Agiha: This guy, to Silbelvint!? ...Hey, the balancer!!


Ibis: Wow, that's amazing...! That speed...!
Masaki: What are you procrastinating? It's your turn next time!!
Ibis: Eh!?
Tsugumi: Yes, Ibis! After rotation, the menu bar RaMVs!
Ibis: Oh, I see!! do it! You will never succeed! Rabbit Acceleration! Mobility Break!! Continue to shoot the Vulle! Know your opponent's trajectory! Dig inside it!! Full Boost! I will do it!!
Aiha: Well, you did a good job!! ね! To the propulsion system!!
Masaki: This is my teacher, baby ha!!
Agiha: (Chit...! It seems that it will be a little difficult to deal with those two as it is now...! If we get along too soon, it will interfere with our next mission. Besides, missing them is a mistake of the rain. . I don't have the will to do anything for him anymore...!)
Masaki: Dude, why are you like this!?
Agiha: Cybaster, and a new one! I'll take this fight for now!
Ibis: I did it... I did it...!
Tsugumi: Ibis...!
Masaki: Heh... For an impromptu one, it's just a link that isn't bad.
Ibis: ...!
Masaki: name is Masaki. Masaki Andoya. you?
Ibis: Ibis Douglas...
Masaki: I survived thanks to you stabbing him in the gap. Thank you.
Ibis: This... this is...
Kusuha: Masaki-kun... Mr. Ibis...
Masaki: For now, is this the end?
Rachel: Masaki, we're leaving this place to join Hiryugai... What are you going to do?
Masaki: Because the situation is the situation. I'll go with you.
Rachel: If you do that, I'll buy this one too.
Ibis: ......
Firio: Ibis...
Ibis: Communication...!? No, different... Messages left on the recorder...?

Firio: If you're hearing this message, I think you've jumped over a wall. Congratulations, Ibis.
Ibis: Firio...
Firio: Ibis... You seem to hate the nickname [Meteor], but... Meteors don't fall into darkness... Meteors are flying through the night.
Ibis: Meteors separate the night...
Firio: Ibis... I believe in the day you will become a shooting star.
Ibis: Firio...
Rachel: ...go on, Ibis.
Ibis: Yes, four.
[In-flight of transport plane]
Kusuha: Then Masaki-kun goes to the Tesla Lab to get a clue from Dr. Shirakawa?
Masaki: Yes. Maybe she thought the guy wouldn't show up over there.
Shiro: But it took me a very long time to get here.
Kuro: Yeah... It's like I've circled the Earth three times.
Kusuha: Eh, eh!?
Tsugumi: Wow, that's an amazing cruising range and continuous operation time...
Masaki: ...I'm not surprised to see you, Kuro and Shiro.
Tsugumi: Yes. I heard your story from Kusuha and the wardens. So, I am very honored...
Masaki: No, well~ I'm embarrassed to say that, but this.
Tsugumi: Kuro, Shiro, to be able to meet cute cat navigators like you guys. Let's talk slowly later.
Kuro: I see.
Masaki: What, wasn't it me?
Kusuha: Tsugumi-san is in charge of developing the Armored Module System. therefore...
Masaki: Uh-huh... By the way, didn't Shuu's son show up at the Tesla Lab?
Kusuha: Yeah...

Masaki: Elzam... it wasn't, Ibosher Ratchel. Do you know where she is with that guy?
Rachel: No... I haven't seen him since the DC Wars.
Masaki: That's right... You've come back to the beginning again.
Kusuha: Masaki-kun...
Masaki: No, you don't have to worry about it. Because this is my personal matter. And... if you act like you guys, he might show up on his own.
Shiro: It's easier to gather information when riding on Hiryu and Hagane.
Masaki: Yes. Now I have to do some DC with the Inspector and Neuer.
Ibis: This is the cockpit, I checked the hiryugae.
Tsugumi: Huh? Really?
Ibis: Yes. I also made contact with that person. Be nice from now on.
Kusuha: I'm glad... with this...
Rachel: ...I think my role is over.
Kusuha: Yes...?
Rachel: As a request from the warden, I have to hand over Samsik Unit 2 to some man. Then excuse me here.
Tsugumi: Ha, but by yourself...
Rachel: Nothing to worry about. Please do not ask for the next day. Chief Takakura.
Tsugumi: Yes.
Kusuha: Hey, Rachel...
Rachel: What?
Kusuha: Thank you so much in many ways. Please be careful...
Rachel: Ah. Well then, gentleman... see you again.
[Hiryugae Bridge, Lake Superior]
Ryune: Masaki! How have you been?
Masaki: Ryune...! Were you on this battleship?
Ryune: Yeah, well... There are various circumstances.
Masaki: Hmmm.
Ryune: By the way, do you have anything else to say other than that?


Masaki: What else?
Ryune: You know... I didn't see you for a while, and I became pretty, or something like that.
Masaki: Oh, come to think of it, while I haven't seen you for a while...
Ryune: While we haven't seen each other?
Masaki: Aren't you a little fat, aren't you?
Ryune: What...!? I'm training every day! Could it be!
Shawn: This is one of the things you shouldn't say about women... You're not good enough.
Refina: ...Anyway, I'm glad I was able to join them safely.
Shawn: Yes.
Kusuha: Captain Refina... Where is Hiryu headed?
Refina: Aviano base in Italy. There are also Hagane and Shirogane.
Kusuha: Then we can meet Britt-kun and Lieutenant Kyosuke, right?
Shawn: That's right.
Tsugumi: Oh, there...
Shaun: Are you... Project TD Chief Tsugumi Takakura?
Tsugumi: Yes, yes. I... What will happen to Tesla Labs after that?
Shawn: I can't say for sure. Because of the Inspector's attack, the North American Army as well as the Unified Chiefs of Staff seemed to be quite confused.
Tsugumi: That's right... Is it...?
Refina: Chief Takakura?
Masaki: Hey, hey! it's okay!?
Tsugumi: I'm sorry... You look a little tired, so you're dizzy...
Shawn: It's not unreasonable. Lieutenant Kusuha, her to her infirmary.
Kusuha: Yes, yes. Tsugumi-san, this way...
Tsugumi: Thanks, Kusuha...
[Hiryugae Medical Office]
Kusuha: ...has it subsided a bit? Mr Tsugumi.
Tsugumi: Yeah... Thanks, Kusuha...

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