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Welcome, all to my today's #thediarygame post.



Morning Time

Today is the weekend so abusively we thing to sleep for some extra hours that's why Today me and friend both wake up near about 7 am. after brushing my teeth I go for a morning walk and since now the sun rises early so at just 8:00 am it feels like 12:00-1:00 pm. there is so much heat that's why we didn't do exercise and yoga today and return home at 8:00 am. After returning home I get fresh and take a bath. I used social media for some time and watch the news which can affect the stock market tomorrow or also look for crypto market-related news.


Afternoon Time

Now I take my lunch at my regular scheduled time and if I did not get my lunch at that time then I start feeling something which I even don't know what that feeling is. that's why I take my lunch in between 12:00-1:00 pm.

After taking lunch I take a small nap or break if it's a holiday or I not have any work to do. After making up if I have any work then I complete that and then go to my studio. Today also I go studio near about 4 pm.

Evening Time

In-studio when I reach all of the works is already done. I do some work which gett after I came to the studio. Which involves 4-5 passport photos and 1 full-size photo. After that, We have nothing to do we just watch some photoshop tutorial videos on the studio's pc. and meanwhile if anyone came for photos then we play songs on very low volume.

Today also we take vada pav for the evening breakfast. In some time it's time for cooling the shops so we close the studio and go home. after reaching home I feed the dogs and after that only I go fr my dinner.

Fitness Activity

Today I walk more than 9000 steps. I was so close to 10000 step count. after so many days I break the 5000 step counts barrier. Currently, I have more than 22014 AFIT Tokens in my actifit wallet.


Screenshot of my actifit wallet
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