How to plan a sales conversation


In your sales conversations. What are you trying to make your audience feel?. Are you trying to educate them? Are you trying to convince them? Are you trying to reassure them? Are you trying to excite them? There are literally thousands of these different active verbs to choose from. The key is making it fit to the audience. When you do it changes the words that you choose and as we just demonstrated in that exercise. The way the words come out of your mouth. You said those same words but you said them in a different way because you had a different emotional intention. A different thought behind what you were speaking and this technique even works for email as well. If before you write an email, if you think about what your emotional intention is. It will change the words that you type who's ever sent an email and got a response that they weren't looking for yeah maybe you should have thought about the emotional intention before you click send. So there is one word however that I would like you to ban from your lexicon. That's this word " INFORM " all right it's gone no more. Why because i don't believe anyone ever in the history of the world has walked out of a meeting or got off the phone call and thought, " oh i feel so informed right now". I am completely updated right, it just doesn't work. We're sharing information all of the time but i want you to think about how you share that information. What the
emotional intention behind that information. So, next time you're about to pick up the phone next time, you're about to walk into the sales meeting next time, you're about to open the laptop and open
outlook i want you to answer these three questions.
What do you want your audience to know? What do you want your audience to do? What you want your audience to feel?

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