The Diary game 15-06-2021 I do not compromise on my life and health (contest Season ,week 6 held by steem passion(my entry)

I say hello to all my friends today I will tell you a few things that I have made a routine of my life and in my diary today I will also tell you a few ways to live a good life I hope you like it I will start my talk first. When I wake up in the morning, I drink water in the first place. Drinking water in the morning is very beneficial for health. According to the research of doctors, the man who He drinks four glasses of water and does not eat breakfast for two hours. No disease can come near him and he should drink water in three breaths. He should take two breaths after filling the first sip of water and then after drinking the second sip of water. Then one should breathe and drink all the water on the third sip. This is also the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). There is healing in every Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and water should be drunk while sitting. I keep
Water is life. Water should not be wasted. There are some areas of Pakistan which are thirsty for a drop of water and travel hundreds of miles to fetch water. We should value water. Now drinking water is good for health. Proven but there are also disadvantages of water. You should not drink water after eating food and you should not drink water even after eating fruit. You should not drink water even after drinking milk and you should not drink water after eating watermelon. There are some other things that you should not drink water after eating. Drink as much water as you want on an empty stomach. It is beneficial for you to drink water before eating and water between meals. Drink it will be very beneficial for you and your health will be maintained and water should always be filtered. Nowadays the water of big cities has deteriorated. Ground water has added many germs which are harmful to health. Therefore, water should always be filtered in our village areas The ground water is still fine. There is no need for filtration but the city water is very bad. The sun water also gets mixed which causes diseases so I use good company water. Never use problem water. Sometimes I use gourmet water and sometimes I use Coca Cola water and sometimes I use Pepsi water. These are good companies in Pakistan that meet the standards and their water is absolutely fine. And blood pressure
Always keep a bottle of water in your car and if you are going on a trip you should have water you may need water anywhere and water helps quench your thirst now I talk Some people have breakfast with non-gram and prefer breakfast at the bazaar. There are also disadvantages of breakfast at the bazaar. Some breakfast eaters who are in hotels use substandard ghee which It causes blade pressure and affects human health which leads to many diseases, so you should have breakfast at home and have breakfast with dry bread because of the ghee in the market these days. They are not of good quality but international level companies do not compromise on their quality. Their rate is a bit higher but their quality is maintained so the standard thing should be used. It is definitely expensive but It does not harm your health and you must eat fried eggs for breakfast. Eggs generate energy in the body. I also eat eggs for breakfast in the morning and I like dry bread and I also eat yogurt.
After breakfast you should eat dinner only because in such a short time breakfast will be digested and you will feel very hungry in the evening but nowadays it is going on at home and there are big days so you will feel hungry in the afternoon. Yes, you should have a light meal in the afternoon. Now I am talking about tea. You must drink tea after breakfast. It is beneficial for your health because after breakfast, your throat gets lubricated. Drinking a cup of hot tea melts that grease and clears the throat and drinking tea relieves fatigue and restores the energy of the body in people who drink tea without tea. I can't stay. When I drive and when I get tired I drink a cup of tea. My tiredness goes away. I must drink tea after breakfast.
Drivers drink tea with more leaves but I don't. I drink tea with less leaves. If pure milk is added to the tea, there is no precedent. But nowadays there is no pure milk in cities. Whenever someone comes from the village he brings milk. I put it in the freezer. When I need it, I make tea. I make tea. There is nothing more than my status. Now I talk to rest. If a person does not rest in his life, then life becomes boring. If a person works all day and does not rest, then his body will be left with him and he will become a fat thief due to fatigue. A man should rest for eight hours in twenty-four hours, sleep for eight hours and rest for a while at work, so ask me when I get tired of driving. I also relax. The benefit of this is that the sluggishness that is being created in the body disappears and the body becomes alive. I live my life in my own way and no one compromises on my health. I also complete my sleep and pay attention to my diet. If there is life, I have to complete my sleep and rest for a while in between work. This will be beneficial for you and your health
You should rest in any case. If you have a bed, you should use the bed. If you are with a friend and the bedroom is attached, you should rest on the bed. And if you are in the car and You're tired of driving and you can't find anything to relieve fatigue, such as a bed or a bed where you can rest. First of all, you don't have to worry. You have to lie down on the seat and straighten your legs before you lie down. You lock your car. Many times it happens that if you catch your eye, the thief can take your valuables out of the car and you Can also be damaged so first lock the car and then stretch out the seat and go to sleep. After resting for a few minutes your fatigue will go away and you will be able to drive again. I should lie down as if I were lying on a seat
If your life is not comfortable then your life is not going well. To live a good life you have to get rid of worries and live your life well. You also have to take care of your health. You have to eat on time and Get enough sleep. If you don't get enough sleep, your body will feel tired and your body will feel sluggish. Keep your life routine active so that you can live a good life. All my friends, take care of yourself. Will remember in my prayers if you like my words then it will be beneficial for you to follow them

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Assalamu Alaikum jaan your photo is very beautiful and your drink photos very nice

16.06.2021 01:10

Mashallah, this is what you have made, it is very beautiful, apart from this the photo you have put is also very good, the owner of it, you have written very well, we do business with you.

16.06.2021 08:45

You've spent a lot of time outside of your diary game and it makes me worry about my home again and we have to come back home every day

16.06.2021 12:53

You have rightly said in your post that water is life. Man cannot live without drinking water and life cannot come to life without eating food. All these things are made for man and man is thankful for the blessings of Allah Almighty. You should also pay and not waste water. Your post is very good. I liked it very much

16.06.2021 13:54