Do Civil Society Organizations have a role to contribute towards Nation building?

"Civil Society is the oxygen of democracy as it acts as a catalyst for social progress and economic growth"
Ban Ki-Moon, Former United Nations Secretary General

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) play an important role in giving voice to the citizens and rendering services that meet people's needs. While the concept of civil society may date back to Plato and Aristotle, CSOs today manifest in various forms including trade unions and employers' organizations, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, charities, grass roots organizations and the organizations that involve citizens in local and municipal life . These CSOs try to bridge various disconnects existing in the sphere of governance. These disconnects can be classified as- Disconnect between Government & People, Disconnect between democratic institutions and development process and Disconnect between Industry/ Agriculture & Employable Youth. Citizens have expectations of their society and political system, which, when not met, can lead to tensions, frustration, disappointment, and to a desire for change . CSOs can act as a valve to let off steam and allow citizens to express their concerns, interests, and wants.

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