hello everyone I am doing another homework for the Academy after attending the class I have learnt many things about this platform so now in the homework I will try to explain what I have learn from the class in my own words I hope that I can teach you something from my knowledge so let's start


(1) What are the economic & social ramifications of self-upvote in Steem Blockchain? Do you gain better curation rewards by upvoting others as compared to self-upvote? (Include real examples)

First let's talk about the social  ramifications the first principle of curation is Read out the post see if there is any value in it if the content is real and it's not  because in this blockchain it all depends upon the power of brain 

So when you create a post and self upvote  it kills the very own idea of social network because you are not engaging with other people and if everyone starts to do that it's like everyone will stay at their home and nobody will go out so there is no social network when it's all for nothing there will be no  author and no curator So self upvote is not  code for social networks and specially for platfor

Ok the economic  humification  are that when you upvote  you will always remain on sublinear zone  which is not good for you if you have teeth post it's like you will always remain at the same place no growth nothing and you want and that much self upvote You will reward will be l low

When you are put other people you will get more more and better  curation reward as compared to self upvote 

(2) What is the difference between isolated judgment and community judgment in curation? How do you adapt to community judgment on quality content in Steem Blockchain? Does that bring economic incentive for you? If yes, explain with real examples, (include screenshots and compare them with your isolated judgment)?

What is isolation judgement it is really simple ok when you upvote  a post just by yourself l anike just one person upvote  that comes under the category of isolation judgement Indian isolation judgement you earn  less  reward

Community judgement is that when all the community comes together and agree on a post that there is a quality in it and this support that post by upvoting it  that is what we call community judgement and community judgement 

You can adopt N2 quality content by    To searching for quality content in reading the post that is the main thing you should read the post if you find quality in it you can give it your support and later on when other people see it and they find quality in it they will give it their support and that is how it will become a community judgement and the quality content will be supported

Now we will see the community judgement and isolation judgement in  live examplefirst you need to do is you should see your upvote  value for that you will have to go to our website name  where you can find your upvote value or sp vp

x xz xz.PNG

As you can see in the screenshot that my   VP  is 0.00 $   it means that if I upvote someone With the isolation judgement  my reward will be 0,00 npw we will take a real life example of  Community judgement and we will see if it Does it bring economic incentive for us or not that we will see just now

 go to the trending page find a post with the community judgement and upvote it  and see if it gives you more curation reward than your isolation judgement or not that you can see directly on the upote  or you can go to steam  and find out how much of a curation reward you will get


this is the post i upvoted now we will see how much of reward will i gain from this post will it be greater then my sp vp that we just chacked in steemworld


as you can see that we are getting more curation reward then we expected that's because of community judgment isolation judgments $ 0,00 community judgments produced $0,001 which is greater then isolation judgment

(3) Go to, check your Upvote value( at the current SP, VP). Take a screenshot. Then go to the Steemit trending page, find a post with a payout of more than $10 but less than $50(Age less than 6 Days 12 hrs). Upvote it. Take screenshots before and after upvote. Similarly, go to another post on the Trending page, find a post with a payout of more than $100( Age less than 6 Days 12 Hrs). Upvote it. Take screenshots before and after upvote. Tell the differences between the two. Which one has produced a greater Upvote value & Curation reward for you with the same resources(SP, VP)? Explain?

This is the screenshot of my sp vp  as you can see in the screenshot you can take the screenshot by going to the website steem  now what we have to do according to the question is that we will go to the trending page and find a post

Payout of more than $10 but less than $50(Age less than 6 Days 12 hrs).

this is the post before upvote

after upvote ssdcsd.PNG now i will show you the reward i will get for this upvote regergergreg.PNG as you can see that my curation reward for this post is $0,001 which is good for now we wil seee the second example

Post with a payout of more than $100( Age less than 6 Days 12 Hrs)

before upvoting

after upvoting fefefef.PNG now we will goto steemworld.or and find how much will we get for this post


Now if you look at the river what I am getting the same kind of every word you must be thinking like that but no actually I am getting better reward on II example that we did the post which is greater than $100 II we will get more curation reward on that but because my sp vp is so low that's why you can't s ee the reward clearly  Ok so it's like that if you upvoe a post with $100 or $150 or 4200  Your reward will increase with that  you will find that the reward curve tends to be linear  You will get more reward if you go higher and higher and you can find all this post on the trending page And as we discuss the linear  Reward will produce more award as compared to sub linear reward


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Comments 1

How do you adapt to community judgment on quality content in Steem Blockchain?

If we all orient around quality content, keep curating quality content, then we naturally adapt to the community judgment. Such a community judgment evolves organically. In principle, if we are rewarding quality content more than the average or poor quality post, then we are also strengthening PoB and ultimately better content discovery.

Does that bring economic incentive for you?

Community judgment is always a win-win position.

If you remain on the left(before a whale's vote) then you have the advantage of time and position of your upvote, if it is good/brilliant content, then you gain significant curation reward.

If you remain on the right(after a whale's vote), then also you have the advantage of the linear reward, and definitely, you get a better reward than isolated judgment.

In general, when you go on voting high payout posts in increasing order (say $10, $50, $100, $200, and even more), the upvote value also increases as compared to your isolated upvote value(refer to your upvote value in Thanks to convergent linear reward.

Since your upvote value is more you also stand to gain more curation reward. The position of your voting might affect(as you will vote such posts mostly after a whale's vote), but you still gain better curation reward as compared to isolated voting.

That is the reason why the high trending posts further get follow-through voting. Curators are motivated by the convergent linear to vote such posts.

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