Hey there this is my homework post for  steem  Crypto Academy   I have been researching on this topic since many days and I got to learn a lot about many things specially about the security And I got to know that there are many attacks that can happened on your wallet and on your account there can be many things with your private key and today we will gonna be talking about all these things I will be sharing what I have learnt 


Exchange hacks

 this is the biggest issue  if you are dealing in cryptocurrency of course you may have come across some sort of of exchange where you have exchange your coins to some other currency will I have done that many time and everyone to have convert my other coins to some other points and everyone do that now every exchange has so much of coins at that time if the exchange gets hacked  what will happen if all the coins are gone in this has happened many time in the past with really big exchanges hackers have successfully Steel more than 400 million dollars worth of Bitcoins and other currencies I don't want to go and depth but this is a big issue with blockchain and once the transaction happen it can't be reverse and it's done not like regular Bank even if the exchange knows that this has happened they can't do anything about it


Let me give you an easy example of this specific attack so this is not  even attack because in this what happened is is somebody else uses your PC or I will say your machine for mining without your permission and you won't even have any idea of that that there has been mining started in the background and you don't have any idea about that so that's is basically cryptojacking

 how does  cryptojacking works

 there is a JavaScript present in some websites and what it does is is it takes over your computer and start mining it can be e in any website mostly what hackers do they hack a website and they put this Java Script in it without outdoor wedding anything else and no one will realise that and sometime even the owner of that website can do this to make extra money 

How will you know if you are the victim of cryptojacking and how to  protect yourself

 OK when you go to a website your PC well be slow and very very slow and then you will feel like it something is wrong whenever you feel she suddenly goes slow after visiting a  website please check that website it might be a cryptojacking  You can go to your CPU usage and it will be high if it's very high aur even just  high  then it must be cryptojacking 

 how to get out of trip rejecting close all the the tabs and all the websites that you are watching at that time once you close all the websites you are on a safe side and the Crypto mining will automatically stop make sure that you completely cut all the 

 many times what happened is when you close all the websites there is a small window in the corner which is still mining through your computer and you won't even know that is what happens in most of the cases That is what  happens most of the people don't know about cryptocurrency they don't have any idea about what happened to the PC you and me I had no idea about this 3 days ago I got to know about this when I was reading the  post for this week   Crypto Academy

My personal experience

 well I don't want to lie I have never faced such attack and I pray to God that please keep me away from all these things but be aware check many times before you do any transaction don't give you keys to anyone don't share your personal data with anyone and don't trust anyone with your account for your own safety 

thank you for reading

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