JuicyFields.io is one of the hottest cannabis platforms in Europe, so what is next?

The opportunity JuicyFields offers for everyone - to profit from the cannabis industry online.
Crowdgrowing movement was created to remove the boundaries between people and the cannabis business. Participate in the cultivation of cannabis around the world and make a profit every 3 months!

Cannabis is now one of the most valuable assets you could invest in. The cannabis industry is expected to be worth $66.3 billion by 2025. As more countries legalize cannabis for medical use, every dollar you invest in cannabis should make you a tidy profit. And the great news is that investing in medical cannabis has never been easier. Juicy Fields is a cannabis crowdsourcing platform that allows you to invest in cannabis remotely. This means you don’t have to go through all the trouble of obtaining growing licenses or finding expert growers, reliable wholesalers, distributors, and pharmaceutical companies. You simply select the strain(s) you want to grow, decide how many plants you want to buy, and let Juicy Fields take care of the rest.

JuicyFields is licensed to cultivate up to 10 hectares of THC-dominant strains and an unlimited surface of CBD-dominant strains in Colombia. The company collaborates only with licensed partners, and its experts have the in-depth knowledge and skill required to grow cannabis in full compliance with Colombia’s agricultural standards. Juicy Fields’ auto-growing system ensures that every plant benefits from the proper lighting, thorough irrigation, and air exchange circuits it needs to produce 2 – 4 harvests per year.

Visit www.juicyfields.io to become a potpreneur and join the blooming cannabis industry.

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