I .iss tge energy of Full house Workout's ✨ Imagine yourself giving up on the last ...

... couple of reps & you see someone beside you slogging it out 💪🏻 That's the kind of motivation Crossfit Box's generate 🤘🏻 I guess a few more months before life get's back to Normal 😉


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I Miss* (autocorrect 🤦🏻)

28.11.2020 04:29

I can imagine! Doing sports in groups is so much more fun!

28.11.2020 06:30

Ohh yess.. and the adranline rush while we do it in groups is on a different level too!

28.11.2020 12:36

Upvoting yourself at 100% for an ambassador is shameful mate!

28.11.2020 10:38

Why is that so? Before i am an Ambassador, i am an Investor with 200k APX tokens.. I've Invested so that i can earn a passive income while blogging..
So i honestly don't feel anything wrong in it.. And also, my duties as an Ambassador is to Welcome new people & Keep Upvoting/Commenting on other's user's post's too - something i do better than almost everyone else here!
So what should keep me from Upvoting my own Content? 🤗

28.11.2020 12:40

Then you should have not accepted the ambassador role to upvote yourself!
By being an ambassador your are representing Appics and not yourself! My point of view!

28.11.2020 12:42

I understand what you intend to say - but i intentionally applied to be an Ambassador - knowing that getting people onboard is difficult (specially onto a Blockchain platform - because most think of it as a Scam) so having an Official status makes it easier (atleast get's the conversation started)
And i intend to Grow the Appics Brand & App in India through the Media industry (once we move to Telos & onboarding is easy) and for that I'd need an official status in the Company! 😊
These are my reasons - now the Delegation came in as a perk - and if you say i need ro decline it - i agree i could have done that - but that act's as an incentive to spend more time on APPICS & for APPICS 😉
My Point of View!

28.11.2020 13:12

Im in the industry and no you do not need a status but a MOU!

28.11.2020 13:30

Yeah well seems like you are convinced about what you think and no matter what i say you will not understand/try to understand! So, let's just leave this here..
Peace ✌️
And yes, i am an Investor, so will continue to Upvote myself, just like I'm sure everyone else on this platform does too! 😊

28.11.2020 19:14

Oops, i just took a look at your post and it seems like you upvote yourself too! 🙊

28.11.2020 19:15

Am i an ambassador?

28.11.2020 20:02

Well you can apply to be one! 😉

28.11.2020 20:09

Nevermind mate keep doing what you are doing! :)

28.11.2020 20:16

It looks like a hall room.....so Funny..... 🥰😍

28.11.2020 13:29


28.11.2020 19:17