Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations 🧘 This is me restating my Fitness journey after ...

... ablong 4 month break.. Luckily for 3 months did a lot of walking in Budapest, but since I returned to India 🇮🇳 had to do 7 days Hotel Quarantine.
I was confined to a room and couldn't do much other than Push Ups(now n then) so as soon as i got home yesterday, so spend another 7 days in Self - Isolation, decided to stretch myself a bit and start the Fitness journey once again!
Sun Salutations have been practiced in India from the 9th Century and consist of 12 Movements..
My legs were very stiff when i started out, but by the time I did 50 Surya Namaskar, felt much better and was breathing heavily!
Cooled off with some stretching, but the goal is to be back at doing CrossFit in 2 weeks 😉💪


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Nice bro..😍😍.Thats good for health...

20.06.2020 11:26

Yeah 😊

20.06.2020 14:25

Good bro

20.06.2020 11:31

Physical exercise is an important issue for every human being. Ja keeps people's minds well

20.06.2020 13:05

Agreed 👍🏻

20.06.2020 14:25

Best of luck staying fit and having fun! Happy Saturday and welcome to the first day of summer!

20.06.2020 15:25

You too stay fit & happy!

20.06.2020 16:43