Joker : Movie Review

We all have a bad habit of living two lives at a time, One that we live for others and One who hides from others and lives only for himself. We all wear a mask on our face so that the truth hidden inside us is not revealed to anyone. But have you ever thought that if this mask is removed and you are completely free, your inner pain can ruin the whole world? Think about it, it sounds so scary, what will be the effect after 2 hours of living.


Hello friends, I am Aizaz Ghamman Welcome to Film Review of the Joker First of all, Joker is a dark film that can shake your brain completely. After watching the Joker movie, you may not be as normal as before Movies are so disturbing that it will make you wonder what is going on in the world Are we all heroes or villains?

There is a lot of violence in the film which is not good for small children That's why kept the kid away from this movie If you are a person with a fragile heart, read the Joker's comedy and you are a little away from this movie.

The other important thing is that, this movie is the real story of Joker you won't have superhero feelings like in Batman movies If you are hoping for this movie like Batman movies then there is nothing. But there is a one-time guarantee If you are a fan of Joker then this movie will increase your excitement the satisfaction you didn't get in a movie like Dark Knight will be felt after watching this movie.

The main characters of the film are Arthur and who act as clowns to make people laugh. His other hobby is to do stand-up comedy in which he always fail in a bad way. Most people would not listen to Arthur jokes, but would make fun of him.

Arthur life was not perfect he has some medical reasons that’s why some people think he is insane and they keep taunting him over and over again and sometimes things get so bad that people beat them up in addition to mental torture.

The story of the film is based in 1980 goutam city which is slowly changing a lot. the joy of the people throughout the city was fading away those who are rich are becoming rich and those who are poor are forced to die. The reason for all these differences is that there is so much hatred inside the people and they are trying to hide their grief by doing bad things to others.

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The biggest losers in this system are people like Arthur who have broken a lot inside and now all the fears in their hearts are gone at once, this is the beginning of a joker who was hidden among the people but now things have gotten so bad that people are starting to consider a negative character as their hero. the Joker became a thought who has set free the devil hidden within the people.

The film is directed by Todd Phillips who has put a powerful movie in front of you in which you will be completely entangled Joker is a hero or villain sometimes you will love Joker and sometimes you will hate, sometime you  would love to be free like a joker Sometimes you will want to forget him by seeing his Disgusting face. Appreciate to the writer who wrote a story that you love or hate But ignoring the Joker is impossible

 This movie is 2 hours long but it will follow you for the rest of your life. This is a guarantee that your thoughts will change a lot after watching this movie .The biggest plus point of the film is that it doesn't need fancy costumes or expensive CGI effects. Its storyline is enough to shake your inside. The spice that To raise emotion in this film Filled out Joker stand out apart from the DC movie .You are never seen such a realistic and disturbing film .

 Raphael Phoenix, who has given an amazing acting performance, has never been seen before. Raphael Phoenix has presented the Joker not as a movie but as a emotion. I don't think whole world actor can play a joker better than him. Believe me, I didn't think we would be able to see anyone else as a joker after Heitlager. The way Raphael Phoenix has revived a Joker-like character, He has left to behind a great actor like Heitlager. The way Rafael Phoenix laughs, cries, walks, dances, Every movement of their put a life in movie. There are few acting performance example , About which we can say that is Oscar award winning performance. This time to much difficult, to Snatch Oscar award From Raphael Phoenix.

 Zazai Bates has given a good performance in this movie. She is playing the role of Sophie Dumond in this film, The roles she has played positively throughout the film. The way this disturbing story is written Bringing freshness in it is not an easy task at all But Zazai has done a very good job. penny looks different in all of them She is seen in the role of Arthur's mother. her characters are very depressing which leaves a mark in your mind which is very difficult to erase.

 His acting is so impactful that after watching movie, with joker you will remember his mother too. The background music of this is very dark which fill your heart with fear. Does not mean how much normal your life is, after hearing the background music of this movie, your smile will be fade completely.

 Just after hearing the theme song of a movie, if you feel that you watch the whole movie then what you would say to it? No doubt that it’s a master piece. In short, if you want to watch a life changing movie, which give you 200 hour entertainment in just two hour, and make a special place in your heart which is not possible to replace in future, then you don’t miss to watch Joker. The JOKER is not for you if you ignore violence and want positivity as this movie is much disturbing and can change your thoughts too.

By me, the JOKER got 5 star, one for wonderful production of this movie, second star is for impactful music, third star is for OSCAR deserving acting of main character, the fourth one is for supporting team and last but not least is for story line of this movie which will stay in your mind for life time.

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