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Almost every day make purchases and choose different payment options ranging from barter, that is, the exchange of goods for goods or services for services and ending with payment by bank cards. Few people already notice how little we already use traditional paper money and move on to electronic.

It contain a good advantage in the form of getting rid of constantly carry cash, make transfers to other people through mobile messages and personal account online, provide a more compact form of storage. But at the same time fraught with many shortcomings.

First of all, it is of course that in this case there is an intermediary in the form of a bank or other electronic payment system, which at its discretion only allows you to use their services, can block your account, delay the transfer for a few days, are centralized and are subject to hacking by scammers. Secondly, we can say that you are practically not the owners of their electronic money and see only the numbers.
Third, this system sees and stores our personal data in the form of age, geographical location, product preferences, analyzing all this, it can easily distribute it to third parties and monetize this information. Therefore, it was natural to create and develop blockchain technology to eliminate these problems of the traditional monetary system.

Now more and more gaining popularity and growing every year the implementation of convenient purchases of goods through online stores, simplifying and accelerating and for this industry for more secure and transparent payments developed a payment protocol called AIGO!
AIGO is an open software protocol that allows you to make payments based on blockchain technology and aims at the global application of digital currencies in e-Commerce, which allows users without intermediaries and without the need to use cash fiat money directly for cryptocurrencies to buy and sell goods or services.

I have been investing in cryptocurrencies for more than three years and I want to highlight one of their main advantages that the owners of funds in this case are only you and no one can dispose of them except you, the main thing is to securely store private keys or passwords to your wallets.

AIGO tokens allow people to carry out financial transactions at any distance and from anywhere in the world, without having to worry that the recipient may not send you the goods or perform the agreed service, as everything will be implemented with the help of smart contracts that solve the issue of trust and reduce the risk of fraud.
The project team is developing AIGO wallet, where you can also store other cryptocurrencies, store-market of goods and services, own debit cards and in the future plan to create own personal blockchain, while tokens have the format ERC20. Pre-sale starts tomorrow at the price of 1 AIGO = $0.002, open sale starts on July 23, 2019 and the cost will double.

In conclusion, I want to say that AIGO has great prospects for the successful development and solution of the problems of traditional payment systems, as it protects the personal data of a person, eliminates intermediaries and reduces the commission payments, token holders can receive benefits in the form of discounts on the services of the platform or profit with the growth of the I recommend further study of this project on the links below:

WEBSITE OF PROJECT https://aigopay.tech/

TELEGRAM URL: https://t.me/AIGO_Global

WHITE PAPER LINK https://drive.google.com/file/d/17K2inOew076KJ_iTKL3n4g0tDz8JXUf0/view

FACEBOOK URL http://facebook.com/aigopayment

TWITTER URL https://twitter.com/aigopay

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MY BTT LINK https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1184171

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I will be glad that there will be a global market for buying and selling goods for digital currencies

09.07.2019 12:20

This protocol will really be able to implement this idea on a global scale

11.07.2019 09:13

Online Commerce thanks to such cryptocurrency will move to a new best level of development

09.07.2019 13:29

Buying goods in online stores will be much safer thanks to AIGO!

11.07.2019 09:26

Excellent and promising payment system, which has every chance to eliminate the shortcomings of Bank payment systems

09.07.2019 17:14

The banking system is already becoming obsolete and such new payment protocols open up much more opportunities for many people)

12.07.2019 05:52

This platform will increase the liquidity of goods and services sold through the Internet

10.07.2019 06:10

It will also increase the use of digital currencies for payments!

12.07.2019 08:13

E-Commerce needs such a secure payment system and over time it will gain great popularity

11.07.2019 00:25

AIGO will increase the trust of people to make purchases through online stores

12.07.2019 14:22

Cards for making purchases for cryptocurrencies directly is a very cool idea, thank you for the useful article

13.07.2019 08:44

I dream about this cryptocurrency debit card and waiting with great impatience!

15.07.2019 04:02