[Airdrop] PRO [Airdrop]

[Airdrop] PRO [Airdrop]

Rewards: 130 PRO tokens (~$13,00) + Ref

Welcome back to another airdrop review by AirdropBob.

In today's episode we present to you the PRO token airdrop by Prometheus. The ERC20 based PRO token is the native crypto currency of the Prometheus platform and it enables all features and services, provided by the network. Prometheus is a blockchain solutions company that aims to battle the current problems of company's that try and struggle with the implementation of this new technology. Their main goal is to give these companies the possibility to integrate their business processes with the blockchain and thus further the implementation and adoption of said technology. According to their white paper the current use cases of the project include solutions for university's, so they can store the information of exam grades or issued certificates or diplomas. It includes supply chain management, in order to keep track of goods. It also offers solutions for media content delivery operations. And last but not least they even have a solution for pet heritage tracking.
So if this got you excited and you want to know more about this new project, just follow the links below to stay up to date with the latest developments and all the information you want! And of course get the airdrop!

Get more information and the Reflink here: https://www.airdropbob.com/prometheus/airdrop-prometheus

Projects website: https://prometheus.business

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