[Airdrop] DYNMT [Airdrop]

[Airdrop] DYNMT [Airdrop]

Rewards: 10 DYNMT tokens (~$3,22) + Ref

Welcome back to another airdrop review by AirdropBob.

In this short episode we present to you the DYNMT token airdrop by Dynamite. Short because there is actually not that much to say about the already CMC listed and ERC20 based DYNMT token. It was created as a social experiment. They did not have an ICO and only distribute the coins thru airdrops, telegram games and twitter contests. Initially there were 9000000 DYNMT tokens created and every transaction has a 2% burn protocol integrated via smart contract. This guarantees steady deflation of the token and, according to their website, increase the value. So if you got excited and you want to know more about this interesting social experiment based token, just follow the links below to get all the information you want! And of course get the airdrop!

Get more information and the Reflink here: https://www.airdropbob.com/dynamite/airdrop-dynamite-binance-voting

Projects website: https://dynamitetoken.com

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