[Airdrop] BF [Airdrop]

[Airdrop] BF [Airdrop]

Rewards: 30 BF tokens (~$0,23)

Welcome back to another airdrop review by AirdropBob.

In today's episode we present to you the BF token give away by BitForex. According to their whitepaper BitForex is the world leading digital asset trading platform with an emphasis on leverage trading. Among other things heir features include so called mega level transaction capability, a global digital asset security monitoring platform, a project accelerator called Turbo and of course their main product, the "One-stop Digital Asset Spot and Derivative Product Trading Platform". And the ERC20 based BF token was launched to be the native crypto currency of the platform. They use a so called transaction mining process with specific rules for mining BF tokens. And holders of the asset are elegible to take part in exclusive airdrops, it gives them access to quality project investment rights or business development voting rights and more. And last but not least the BF token is already listet on Coin Market Cap, currently at #237. So if this got you excited and you want to know more about their endevors, just follow the links below to stay up to date with their latest news and get all the information you want! And of course get the airdrop!

Get more information and the reflink here: https://www.airdropbob.com/bitforex/airdrop-bitforex-bf-giveaway?utm_source=steemit&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=airdrops

Projects website: https://www.bitforex.com

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