[Airdrop] APL [Airdrop]

[Airdrop] APL [Airdrop]

Rewards: 500 APL tokens (~$0,54) + Ref

Welcome back to another airdrop review by AirdropBob.

For this episode our researchers found the APL token by the Apollo Currency. As of writing the CMC listed token is ranked at Nr: 265. The aim of Apollo Currency and its third generation blockchain is to present the world with the fastest, most feature rich and private cryptocurrency on the market. The developments sole purpose was to combine every mainstream feature of current cryptocurrencies into one untraceable platform. These features include coin shuffling, encrypted data transport, ip masking, alias systems, encrypted messages, a private ledger wallet and coinmixing on the privacy side. The decentralized ecosystem further more includes the ability of voting, decentralized file storage and a decentralized marketplace. And last but not least the inherent financial system includes multi sig and phased transactions, a decentralized exchange, smart contracts and more. Currently the roadmap reaches to Q4 of 2020. At this time the last testing of final ecosystem and services should be finished. Now if this got you interested and you want to know more about this interesting coin, just follow the links below to get all the information you want, and of course get the airdrop!

Get more information and the Reflink here: https://www.airdropbob.com/apollo-currency/airdrop-apollo-airdrop-2

Projects website: https://apollocurrency.com/en

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