I'm Wondering As I'm Wandering...

First off...

I would like to include a link here going to an article by @steemitblog called...

Hardfork 21 is HAPPENING. What will change?


It seems as if a lot of changes have taken place since I started out here as referred by my goddaughter (@tecnosgirl) back in June of 2017.

The change that I liked the least was how I'd signed up and set up with PayPal to use when I wanted to cash out.  This was an available option back then.

Sometime since then, this has changed, and I found this out the hard way when I decided that I wanted to convert some of my Steemit dollars into cash to go into my PayPal account and, from there, into my bank account (which is where I transfer anything I might receive as well as using my PayPal to make purchases with the cash coming out of my bank account).

Long-story-short...my earnings from here (Can't remember the amount, but I believe that it was somewhere between ten and twenty U.S. dollars) simply disappeared into some black hole.

There wasn't a message saying that cash couldn't be transferred.  In fact, it showed that the cash had been transferred okay.  However, it never showed up in my PayPal account.  It also never found its way back into my account here -- just simply vanished.

Until this is resolved, I'm simply going to leave it in my account here and watch it add up along with using it for steem.

Having said that...I haven't been writing enough here to make a significant amount of cash anyway.

There have been several things going on with me to where getting active beyond leaving comments has had to be put on the back-burner -- and I don't even get over to do that as much as I'd like to.

Anyway, I'm going to try to make it over more frequently and start trying to catch you up some with my life -- which has been pretty interesting with all of its twists and turns.

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