A Dreamy Discovery (I Absolutely LOVE It!!!)

A little earlier, I posted the first contribution beyond leaving comments that I had in ages:

I'm Wondering As I'm Wandering...

For some reason, however, I didn't see any signs that it had posted, so I decided to try to find where it had gone to by doing a site search of my username -- and this is how I'd ended up stumbling across this wonderful contribution by my goddaughter, @tecnosgirl:

Deep dream art upon request

As I'd mentioned in the earlier piece I wrote, my time spent here at Steemit has been sporadic -- kind of like the words that begin this beautiful song that's now almost half-a-century old.

Therefore, I had missed out on seeing what my goddaughter had posted almost a year ago until today.

It's so beautiful that I wanted to show it off again so more people could see it.

Speaking of which...

If you love kids, you'll enjoy one of her recent posts about time spent with her grandkids.  Those two are as cute as buttons.  

When did enough time pass by for my goddaughter to become a grandma!?!

It seems like only yesterday when a very special piece of refrigerator art she made for me was brand new.

I'll be telling you more about that refrigerator art in the near future.

For now, however, I'm going to sign off and not make it such a long gap between this article and my next one...

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