Mezban & Grills Serves The Best Shawarma in Kuala Lumpur

Hello Steemians! Here is my food review for your reading pleasure. I am a fan of Shawarma and have been quite fussy about it that most of the restaurants selling them always not to my likings, but I have the pleasure of tasting the best Shawarma in Kuala Lumpur recently. Just the right taste and exactly to my likings at Mezban & Grills. I couldn't possibly know that Mezban & Grills would serve the best Shawarma, I just tried to order and got surprised by the delicious taste. I even think that perhaps the other dishes may taste as good as well after tasting their Shawarma. Well, I would have to try them to confirm this with you, maybe when I have the time to drop by here again. So here are the full stories about my food tasting experience at this Restaurant.

When I arrived at this place, my first impression such a very quiet place du to the pandemic. I aam worried they might close down if they continue to have no business like this, just hope this place that serves the best Shawarma in town would stand against this tsunami of the pandemic. Aside from its tasty food, the place is very pretty with a small landscape decoration at the back with some fishes and ducklings living in the pond. A beautiful addition to this restaurant that adds that little nature touch in the middle of this chaotic urban life. This place is located near to the Lost Stream of Jalan Alor where you can find all the beautiful murals. I found this restaurant after finished my walking rounds to enjoy those beautiful urals.

How to find Mezban & Grills?

  • Googlee Plus Codes: 4PW5+XQ

Weme to Mezban & Gr Grills

2 (2).jpg

A congratulatory flowers, perhaps during their opening time

3 (2).jpg

SOP for contact tracing, so register and take your temperature

4 (2).jpg

The Menu book cover


Order Arabic Shawarma from this page


Order Drinks from this page

Teh'O Ais, Ice Milo, and Mango Milk Shake.

My Lunch

8 (2).jpg

Presenting you the best Arabic Shawarma in Town

9 (2).jpg

Wow! Yummy! I can still remember the taste in my mouth

That succulent chicken with fresh veggies and cucumber pickles, so tasty.
10 (2).jpg

Wala! My perfect lunch ~ 5-Star for Arabic Shawarma


Let's have a look at the Restaurant's ambiance

12 (2).jpg

I love how this beautiful chandelier was hung in the middle of the dining area, creatinhat centerpiece an and that luxury look of the entire place.

13 (2).jpg

A spacious dining area with tasteful furnitures

14 (2).jpg

The Beverage Counter

15 (2).jpg

Decoration on the Beverage Counter

16 (2).jpg

Pretty Chili Plant as a table decoration

17 (2).jpg

Time to check out, this is the Cashier Counter

18 (2).jpg

This awesome lunch cost me RM49.00. In this type of setting plus the good food, worth every penny.


A Beautiful Landscape

I was just walking out of the restaurant when I saw this landscape and turned back to go check them.
20 (2).jpg

Cute Ducklings

They were very shy and very scared of me, I managed to capture this photo before they ran for their life, cute little thingy, I feel I want to squash them, hahaha :D
21 (2).jpg

Thofishes add the Zeneno this pretty landscape

22 (2 (22).jpg

Sitting here just watching the ducks and the fishes provide the nature-relaxing effects

23 (2).jpg

This is the external view from the backside of the restaurant

1 (2).jpg

That concludes my presentation for @steemfoods exclusive for the community. Wishing all a pleasant day, please take care and stay safe, cheers, ainie

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That's all for now, wishing you a beautiful day ~ Life is Beautiful.

Take care and Stay Blessed!

Yours truly,

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Thanks @steem-bangladesh for the kind curation and so happy to receive your visit. Wishing you a pleasant day and take care, cheers, ainie

28.11.2020 09:10

Beautiful restaurant and a nice review of the place. Thanks for sharing. Now I just need a passport and plane ticket to get there!

27.11.2020 22:30

Hi @cliffagreen, thank you for your kind compliment. Yes, do have a visit to Malaysia and enjoy all the food that you like. I will keep on doing the review to keep you entertained with all my food reviews here that I hope you will approve. Have A Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie

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Mezban & Grills store is looking very much beautiful, i liked flowers that are in front of restaurant that giving great look and soul is getting great relax, and inside area and outside area of restaurant is very much beautiful, i liked this post very much, you content also giving a great intro of the restaurant , every corner has great beautiful, Beverage Counter, cashier counter, and all furniture giving the great look, really it is very much beautiful place that a restaurant has for its customer, and you shared food plate that is making me hungry very much, thank you very much sister for sharing this beautiful resturant with us, best of luck

28.11.2020 06:19

Hi @yousafharoonkhan, thank you for your kind visit and compliments on my review on Mesban & Grills. It is always a pleasure for me to receive your kind visit on my page. I found the restaurant by accident actually as I walked the entire neighborhood of Jalan Alor to enjoy the murals around that area. Much shukria my friend and God Blessed! You have always support all the food writers and this community, kudos to your good efforts. Wishing you a pleasant day and take care, cheers, ainie

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first thank you very much dear sister, and i love to visit steem post when ever i get time to make love journey to steem and food, and i love to visit every post, but life is much busy, this time covid 19 is here, and i am busy in my work, so i love steemfood and also, but i am not getting much time to write here, it is my honour that you appreciated my comments, yeah i liked your every post when ever i visit steem, and May Allah also bless you with pleasure peace, good health and success in every field of life, i love to support all the good writer i love read, thank dear sister, may you live long, cheers ameen, Shukria

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Thank you my friend @yousafharoonkhan for your kind words and motivations, Ameen. I always feel I have someone at my back just by receiving your kind visits. May Allah bless you with all the good things in the world. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, and Stay Safe! much Shukria, cheers, ainie

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it is your respect and kindness , may Allah Also bless you every pleasure in life amin friend

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Hi :

Thank you so much for sharing the introduction of Mesban & Grills Restaurant in detail in SteemFoods Community. You share great restaurant and cafe promotions. It is great to have fish and ducks in the backyard of the restaurant. :) For this great promotion, the restaurant definitely had to offer discounts on meals. :) I added this post to the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day" on 27.11.2020.

28.11.2020 15:51

Hi @alikoc07, thank you for your kind words and visit. And thank you so much for selecting this post as The Best SteemFoods Posts of Day. Always a pleasure to receive your kind support. Hahaha they cannot give me any discount without any business, just hope they can sustain their business during this hard time and that I can come again to eat my favorite Arabic Shawarma at their restaurant, teşekkür ederim, cheers, ainie

29.11.2020 09:42