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Finally Eat White Rice and Satay

Every time we travel abroad, to a country whose staple food is different from the staple food in Indonesia, of course our appetite will be somewhat reduced. I and my friends from Alamin group when we were in Turkey. Most of the foods that we often find served in hotels and local restaurants are always the menu in the form of bread, vegetables that are usually eaten with olive oil broth or there are other choices of typical Turkish Lentil soup, of course.


Well this is the favorite food of the people of Indonesia, finally we were taken for lunch to a restaurant that serves Indonesian special food or that suits the taste of the Indonesian tongue. In this restaurant the menu is grilled / grilled meat like a burger and there is also satay, but unfortunately there is no satay sauce like in Indonesia. But we still hungrily ate it because we also met White Rice.


The photo I took using the camera from the iPhone 6

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