‘The Glimpse of Light, Is a Sign if HOPE!’


Beyond the dark and gloomy streaks, is the path that you follow . . . may it be dark and cold, dewy along the way . . . nothing to be scared of, the glimpse of light, is a sign of HOPE, for at the end of the fast streaks will be a great surprise, an unexpected surprise, a surprise that is intended to happen, only to you, a phenomenon that happens only once-in-a-lifetime!

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12.01.2020 08:25

Thanks for sharing your post 😊

12.01.2020 12:24

Yore most welcome, janpaki!

12.01.2020 19:26

Hi @aidasfg7

thanks for the deep words / description from my digital image

13.01.2020 00:27

you made it a reality with your creativity amazing :)

20.01.2020 15:10

Thank you, blazing!

16.03.2020 10:25