For our second session of this course, we were asked to scroll through our pictures on our phone twice and randomly tap to a picture with our eyes close. Then, we were asked to look into the picture for 3 minutes and think of the feeling and emotion that we felt from that picture and express them all in our writing, without filtering anything. "Just write anything", she said.
So here's the lucky picture that my finger chose for me:
WhatsApp Image 2020-01-19 at 10.00.41 PM.jpeg

Yes, it is just a random picture of my foot (mainly), the carpet and a container of home food on the table.

And yes, I did stare at my own foot for 3 minutes straight. (Note: I'm not weird)

This picture, as random as it might seem, was taken intentionally by me. At that moment I realised how badly I'm going to miss this moment while I'm actually living it. It was during my holiday, watching the television with my family at the living room.

Here's what I wrote:


I miss the feeling of being home,
Where the meals taste more scrumptious,
Where the carpet looks as fluffy as a blanket,
Where the air feels fresher,
Where all the worries fade away.

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