Food for life | Second Nutritional Screening Support in the Providencia community - Capital District.

We are very grateful for all the support you have provided throughout this project.

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Since our inception, our main objective has been to provide nutritional support to people whose resources are not enough for their survival in the face of the difficult crisis that our country is going through. Therefore, today we conducted our second nutritional screening in one of the communities that will be served during the next period of our Food for life program.

During this activity, we have the assistance and participation of more than 100 people, including children and older adults, those who do not have a good amount of resources to meet their nutritional needs.

Work Team and foundations volunters:

Our work team consisted of 2 nutritionists doctors, staff of the foundation "Bertha Emilia" as well as members of the foundation "Rehabilitators for Health" and volunteers from the same community who supported us during the completion of the work by providing us with a space and chairs to work in a better way.

Nutritional Screening | Work process:

During the activity, there was a space in which 2 stations were carrying out activities of carving and weighing of the population.

Each station had a nutritionist and an assistant in charge of carrying out the control and filling in the pertinent data in order to know the nutritional state of the patient. This form is a previous step to carry out a correct classification of the BMI of the population and later global percentage of malnutrition.

Information processing:

The data collected during the nutritional day is being processed by the team of nutritionists who will then deliver the same including the exact state of each of the people attending, percentage of malnutrition in the community and a specific food plan based on a caloric diet adequate to remove the people affected from a state of malnutrition.

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Great to see this team hard at work helping out. Nutritional screen could be critical for many.

I see the Fundition drive is making progress, but still needs donations.

16.07.2019 00:03

Really thanks for the sup, we're working hard on the project and this is the 2 of 3 communities to support!
Next step is work into the nutritional program and make food for life the supporter of these communities ♥

16.07.2019 00:10

Excellent work, very necessary for the communities of Venezuela.

16.07.2019 02:07

Waaoo! Great work guys!! Congratulations!

16.07.2019 22:08

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19.07.2019 11:56

Such an incredible project (:
$rewarding 100%

27.07.2019 00:00

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