Food for life | First Nutritional Screening Support in the Pitahaya community - Miranda state.

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Since our inception our main objective has been to provide nutritional support to people whose resources are not enough for their survival in the face of the difficult crisis that our country is going through. Therefore, yesterday we conducted our first nutritional screening in one of the communities that will be served during the next period of our Food for life program.

During this activity we have the assistance and participation of more than 60 people, including children and older adults, who for more than a year have been attending a communal dining room located in the town of Pitahaya in the state of Miranda.

Work Team:

Our work team consisted of 4 specialized nutritionists as well as the participation of 20 volunteers divided between logistical staff and support staff.

Presence of allied foundations:

As part of this activity we have the participation of two allied foundations: the first, Corazón de León, a foundation in charge of dealing with cases of diabetes as well as nutritional cases, and the second, the Operativo Solidaridad foundation, which for a long time has been serving communities with the "Vaso Solidario".

Steem as a means of humanitarian support:

Steem's blockchain was present in this activity through the implementation of a banner, which served as an informative base to publicize where the project's funds come from and to viralize the information regarding the use of STEEM as a renewable means to give continuity to the realization of this and future humanitarian aid activities.

Nutritional screening | Work process:

During the activity, a large space was available to attend to the people attending, which had 4 stations:

  • 2x Weighing and carving stations.
  • 2x Fat percentage measuring station.

Each station had 1 nutritionist and 1 assistant in charge of obtaining the necessary data to know the nutritional status of the attendees which was then attached to some forms identified with Name, date of birth, weight, height, among other important data for a correct calculation of the BMI.

Closing Lunch:

After this we wanted to say goodbye to the community making a lunch designed to provide greater hope to all these people who are not accustomed to having a good diet due to the high cost of products, for which we made 10 kilograms of rice with chicken and distributed among the attendees.

Information processing:

The data collected during the nutritional day is being processed by the team of nutritionists who will then deliver the same including the exact state of each of the people attending, percentage of malnutrition in the community and a specific food plan based on a caloric diet adequate to remove the people affected from a state of malnutrition.

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Looks like a lot of hard work for everyone. Hope the financial situation eases. It would help if the price of steem would go up. My thought on that is it (the price of steem) is waiting like the rest of us for this next hard fork to take place.

09.07.2019 02:21

Keep up with this amazing work. It really inspires to find change-makers around the globe.

09.07.2019 19:11