Aid Venezuela | A look at the crisis: Reflections about humanitarian situation in Venezuela. “Un vistazo a la crisis: Reflexiones sobre la situación humanitaria en Venezuela.”

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Whoever swears to protect us ends up hurting us, another cruel event that extinguishes the hopes of a people.

Venezuela is still going through the greatest humanitarian crisis in the history of our country. Day by day, there continue to be cases of people protesting after failing to obtain the basic services that a society needs to survive.

This time it was the turn of Rufo Chacón, a 16-year-old boy whose only crime was to accompany his family while they waited for the distribution of gas in their area located in the state of Táchira. A fact that ended up leaving him blind.

Although we don't know the complete history, we can observe the different news that have appeared after this act of brazenness perpetrated by police officers, but until now the nearest news tells us how Rufo Chacón arrived with his mother to the distribution point where the gas would be delivered, at four o'clock in the morning of last Monday, July 01. The community had already 3 months without receiving the service and waited for the person in charge of the distribution who spent several hours and arbitrarily indicated that he would not make the distribution of the same which sparked the anger of those present and gender a spontaneous protest in the place.

After a short time, police officers fired pellets at those present and Rufo was shot several times in the face, mainly in the eyes.

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The president of the Táchira State Health Corporation, Dr. Luis Ramírez reported that the diagnosis for Rufo was discouraging, where the young man had a "traumatic evisceration of both eyes losing the totality of the morphology and the antinomy of the eyeballs.

Another crime of Humanity

With this act, the government continues to add points in terms of crimes against humanity where repression and persecution is constant for anyone who turns against them or tried to protest about it. This fact should be noted, it happens just a week after the High Commissioner for Human Rights will visit the country and just hours after the government assassinated Lieutenant Commander Rafael Acosta Arévalo, while he was "in custody" by the security forces of the State.

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Bachelet continues to say nothing about this case of humane crime. However, considering her stance on these crimes, delegate to the same government to review a crime that she confirms to them, as she did with the case of Captain Acosta.

A similar one in 2014:

This case has a special resemblance to a case that occurred in 2014, when Geraldine Moreno was killed after receiving more than 30 pellet shots in the face from GNB officials.

The world:

The government in turn continues to carry out punishable acts, but the world remains silent.

All the countries are witnesses of my happening but call for a "no bloodshed or foreign interventions".

Venezuelans have done everything in our power to move forward and put an end to this model of corruption, but a people alone cannot fight a giant that has created armed groups and applied its political ideology to police and military forces.

Today Venezuela is asking itself: How many years will it take for the world to say "we were thinking about doing nothing"?

Some sources:

Disparos de la dictadura Dejan ciego a niño.

Rufo Chacon, Ciego.

Hoy dispran sobre la Cara de un niño y lo dejan ciego ¿Qué más necesita ver Bachelet?

Otro crimen de Lesa Humanidad

Con este acto, al gobierno se le siguen sumando puntos en cuanto a crímenes de lesa humanidad en donde la represión y la persecución es constante para todo aquel que se ponga en su contra o intenté protestar al respecto. Este hecho cabe acotar, ocurre justo una semana después de que la Alta comisionada de Derechos Humanos visitará el país y a solo horas de qué el gobierno asesinara al Capitán de Corbeta, Rafael Acosta Arévalo, mientras se encontraba "en custodia" por los cuerpos de seguridad del Estado.


Bachelet sigue sin decir nada al respecto de este caso de crimen humanirario. Sin embargo considerando su postura ante estos crímenes, delegar al mismo gobierno hacer revisión de un crimen que les constata a ellos, tal como lo hizo con el caso del Capitán Acosta.

Un casi similar en el año 2014:

Este caso tiene especial semejanza con un caso ocurrido en el año 2014, cuando Geraldine Moreno fue asesinada tras haber recibido más de 30 disparos de perdigón en el rostro de parte de funcionarios de la GNB.

El mundo:

El gobierno en turno sigue protagonizando hechos punibles, son embargo el mundo sigue en silencio.

Todos los países son testigos de mi que ocurre pero llaman a un "no derramamiento de sangre ni intervenciones extranjeras".

Los venezolanos hemos hecho todo lo que está en nuestras manos para salir adelante y acabar con este modelo de corrupción, sin embargo un pueblo solo no puede combatir un gigante que ha creado grupos armados y a aplicado su ideología política a cuerpos policiales y militares.

Hoy Venezuela se pregunta: ¿Cuántos años tendrán que pasar para que el mundo diga "en que estábamos pensando al no hacer nada"?




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Comments 4

I hope that someday the People of Venezuela are freed from this oppression, and I wish that that "someday" was yesterday....

04.07.2019 07:59

I live in Venezuela

This leaves me breathless and with a sadder heart

04.07.2019 10:18

Las cosas Mass atroces han ocurrido en Venezuela en los últimos años, ni en países en guerra se ve semejante animalada.

El pranato, brazo del gobierno, es horrible. ¿Que más tendrá que ocurrir?
Al final, pronunciarse o no pronunciarse por parte de organizamos internacionales tiene más que ver con un problema de plata, muchos intereses detrás de Venezuela. La situación de nuestro país se ha convertido en un negocio para muchos.
Es muy lamentable. Mucho. Un joven que queda ciego, una familia más que estará afectada toda las vida por culpa de unos delincuentes que están apoderados del país.

Tengo fe, pero las esperanzas merman ante tanta calamidad.

04.07.2019 11:30

Vivo en venezuela,soyvenezolana pero ya basta de tanta maldad e injusticia de este y que gobierno,son unos asesino y bachalet no se pronuncia estara vendida con maduro

05.07.2019 00:37