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#clubdolphin||I am officially Dolphin 🐬 now || #club75 very happy moment for me

Hello all steemit family. I am Ahmad from Pakistan.I have spent a lot of time on this platform,there were many ups and downs and many changes from 2018 to now.Remember that I joined this platform in 2018 in the month of January.I have learned a lot of new things by working here,I have the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world,there are times when you are not satisfied with someone else's decision but I also learned from this platform how to handle this.Today is important because I have crossed a milestone on this platform today I have completed 5,000 steem power.Many people are trying to do that.My advice to everyone is to work hard and persevere wherever you are.Let's go ahead and tell you the details.

My wallet details before today:


  • 994 steem
  • 4084 steem power

So we powerup 920 more steem to achieve our goal.


After doing this healthy activity take another look at my steemit wallet.

wallet details after powerup:


So you can check I am officially Dolphin with 5004 steem power.On this occasion, I would like to thank all the people who helped me get here like professos of steemit crypto academy,booming account you all are really respected for me.And especially I would like to thank @steemcurator02 & @steemcurator01 because without your help this is impossible for me...Thank you all

Regards @ahmadchemist737

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