Weekly contest- poetry game- week 8 -By @ahmadch49 😍

Hello admins, moderators and all the other guys in the community! I hope you're doing well and good in your lives.

First of all I want to thanks Mr. @dobartim for this arranging this beautiful contest. I always love to take part in poetry competitions.

My Poetry for the contest:

I'm going to share a wonderful poem before you guys. It's originally written by a famous Punjabi Poet Bulleh Shah. He has written such countless poems about life, it's purposes and life after death.

This is originally written in Punjabi Language but later translated in English by A.R Luther*.

1c7dd092a60056f9e105303477328ff1.jpgImage source: https://pin.it/4lebnXR

The poem name is:

My Neighbor Friend Breathing His Last!

My neighbor friend breathing his last!
What should I do, Oh God!, Aghast!
He is to leave, now can't remain,
Companions ready to catch the train.
What should I do, Oh God!, aghast!

On every side, decamping talk,
At every place are shrieks in stock.
What should I do, Oh God! Aghast!

Flare up flames in heart to height,
For, visible is not charming sight.
What should I do, Oh God! Aghast!

Without His love, Bullah in lose,
Can hardly dwell, here or across.
What should I do, Oh God! Aghast!

Written by Bulleh Shah
Translated by A.R Luther

This poem is a clear sign that every soul shall taste death

This was all for my contest. Thank you for reading this amazing poetry of our famous folk poet.

Specially thanks to @dobartim for this contest ❤️❤️❤️.

Regards: @ahmadch49

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