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I will tell the story of the prophet Solomon and the queen of Balqis.

Prophet Solomon was the son of Prophet David God had given wealth and riches to Prophet Solomon so that Prophet Solomon became a very rich king on earth and God also gave Prophet Solomon the ability to talk to jinn and animals.

Prophet Solomon was sent by God to guide the Children of Israel, Prophet Solomon was very just and wise so that Prophet Solomon succeeded in bringing the Children of Israel to prosperity.

One day a group of Prophet Solomon crossed the hill on horseback suddenly Prophet Solomon stopped and all his followers also stopped Prophet Solomon heard the ant commander speak to his army "O group of ants do you see a group of Prophet Solomon with his army on horseback, soon they will tread -step we all then move quickly so that you do not die trampled by the horse of the prophet Solomon "the prophet Solomon smiled hearing the command of the ant commander to his army and the prophet Solomon said to all the ants that walk" walk you slowly I will wait until you all go through it "after all the army of ants had passed the journey then the prophet Solomon and his army continued their journey.


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Prophet Solomon got the news that there was a very beautiful and very arrogant princess in the land of Saba and Prophet Solomon sent a hud-hud bird to send a letter to Queen Balqis in the letter Prophet Solomon warned and warned her not to be arrogant and arrogant towards him and called her to face Prophet Sulaiman.

and queen Balqis asked her army to take up arms to fight Prophet Solomon by bringing a very large army reaching 12 thousand troops Prophet Solomon ordered the ifrit jinn to lift the palace of queen Balqis from the land of Saba and in the blink of an eye an ifrit jinn carried out his duty by bringing the queen of Balqis palace in in the presence of the prophet Solomon, after the queen of balqis arrived how surprised she was after seeing her palace was in the place of the prophet Solomon so that the queen of Balqis admitted defeat and the prophet Solomon also married the queen of Balqis.


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I wrote this story based on a real story that happened thousands of centuries ago.

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